“Detroit Lions are boosted by a top 10 fan base” – Terry Foster

Mike Freeman of USA Today already knew he’d catch grief for his ranking of NFL fans before his story was released. Every fan base believe they are the best in sports no matter the league or no matter the team.

However, he got it right when he said Detroit Lions fans were in the second tier of fan bases. Freeman said fans of the Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers were the best in show.

The second tier included the Lions along with boosters of the Seattle Seahawks, Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.

Here is what Freeman wrote about Lions and Browns fans.

It’s easy to be a fan when you win a lot. Try being a fan when you lose all the time. Being a (Lions) fan is what it must feel like getting a grand jury subpoena, except every week. No fan base is more dedicated. No fan base fights through all the L’s with such ferocity.

Freeman wrote the same about Browns fans. Here is what separates the two fan bases. The Browns have the Dog Pound.

Ford Field is loud but does not stand out as one of the noisiest stadiums in the NFL.

On the flip Lions fans are super loyal. Most believe the Lions best season is always the next one to come, sort of the feeling around here for the 2023 ledger. They believe in Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes, but they have also believed in Rod Marinelli, Matt Millen and Steve Mariucci.

Many of you believed Matt Millen would learn how to run a team while on the job. When it didn’t happen you staged the “Millen Man March” where fans dressed in orange and marched downtown in protest. There are some who believe you should never turn on your team. I disagree. I applaud Lions fans for showing anger and passion. You deserved to vent at a team that gave you one playoff win since 1957 and hired someone unqualified to fix it.

I’ve encountered a number of you over the years who were angry with me because I did not buy into the foolishness coming from the Pontiac Silverdome, Ford Field and the Allen Park practice facility.

In case you missed it here are USA Today’s NFL fan rankings.


  • Cleveland Browns
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Green Bay Packers


  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Detroit Lions
  • Baltimore Ravens


  • New Orleans Saints
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • San Francisco 49ers


  • Buffalo Bills
  • Denver Broncos


  • Washington Commanders
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Los Angeles Rams


  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Indianapolis Colts


  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Chicago Bears
  • Miami Dolphins


  • New England Patriots
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Minnesota Vikings


  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • New York Jets


  • Houston Texans
  • New York Giants
  • Kansas City Chiefs


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