After a devastating loss to Colby Covington on Saturday, Dan White says it might be time for the former UFC Welterweight champ to retire. Woodley lost to Covington early in the 5th round due to a rib injury sustained during the fight. Times have been tough for Woodley. He hasn’t had a win since September 2018 against Darren Till and is currently on a 3 fight losing skid. Sure, his losses are from top competitors such as Gilbert Burns and Kamaru Usman, but truth be told Woodley hasn’t won a single round since his fight with Till. So, what should be next for the former champ? Woodley did in fact break his rib as reported by Ariel Helwani

What’s Next For Woodley?

I’d think Bellator is the right place for Woodley. He’d dominate the organizion and prove that although he might not be top talent in the UFC, he can hold his own in Bellator. I know, I know, the UFC is where the top fighters are, but Tyron hasn’t looked like Tyron in years. It’s depressing to watch someone as great as Tyron just continue to hit roadblock after roadblock.

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By Published On: September 21st, 2020Categories: MMA

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