“Professional” Boxer / Youtuber Jake Paul is making headlines once again for his outside the ring antics, but this time he’s doing whatever it takes to get a fight in the UFC. Paul is coming off of an impressive knockout over retired NBA star Nate Robbinson. Paul thinks the KO should earn him a UFC contract and a fight with Conor McGregor, but at this point he’s the definition of delusional. Here’s a couple reasons why Dana White will NEVER sign a YouTuber / 2-0 “Professional” Boxer to the UFC.


“There Is ZERO Chance Jake Paul Fights Conor McGregor” – Dana White

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Dana White made it clear that Paul’s dream of fighting Conor McGregor is something that will never happen. White did propose a fight against Amanda Nunes, but let’s be honest she would destroy him in less than three minutes. Entertaining this nonsense to begin with is embarrassing, but White was asked the question so he offered an alternative.


“What the f**k is up, you Irish c**t?” – Jake Paul

Jake Paul is doing everything right when it comes to promoting a fight, but he’s barking up the wrong tree. The YouTube star knows how to stir the pot, but the UFC is filled with the best of the best in the WORLD. Paul has a “professional” Boxing record of 2-0 which doesn’t warrant anything other than more “fights” with washed up athletes. If Jake Paul were to enter the octagon with any of the Top 15 in any UFC division he would get starched in less than 3 minutes.


Jake Paul Pulls Up On Dillion Dannis In LA

This isn’t me being bitter that a 23 year old YouTube star is going viral for all the wrong reasons, it’s just the truth. Sure, Jake Paul is a superstar in the YouTube world, but White will NEVER allow Paul to fight McGregor let alone anyone on the UFC roster. You can stalk as many of McGregor’s teammates as you want, it’s not going to happen. It’s one thing to ask for a fight, but it’s another to shit on the guy you’re asking to sign you and pull pranks like this. If there is one thing you don’t do its talk bad about Dana White. The man literally made the UFC what it is today, so why would you take the angle of running your mouth until you get what you want? Does it help build publicity? Of course. Is it good for business and does it increase your chances of getting a UFC contract? Absolutely not. Oh, and yes I understand McGregor has done the same trash talking antics in the past, the only difference is McGregor is a TRAINED MMA fighter and is one of the greatest strikers of all time.


If YouTubers vs Any UFC Athlete Happens It Is The Beginning Of The End For The Organization

Someone asked me recently why I chose not to cover the Tyson vs Jones Jr. card. Although I consider Tyson to be one of the greatest Boxers of all time, I don’t want any part of the circus. Fighters getting in a ring that are 30 years past their prime is not something I am interested in watching. Sure, it’s entertaining for some, but when the co-main event is a YouTuber vs a retired NBA athlete I’ll pass. The height and weight difference was enough to make me roll my eyes, but Paul vs Robinson should’ve never happened.

The world of MMA has rules for a reason. That is why there are divisions. This is why there is Dana White’s Contender Series. I understand Paul is just trying to follow his brothers footsteps by trying to get a massive fight, but if Paul and McGregor actually happen it will throw the dignity and respect of MMA right out the window. It’s bad enough the UFC set up the BMF title, but entertaining this shit show would be a new low for the organization. Dana White won’t let it happen and Conor McGregor shouldn’t give a single second of publicity for this imbecile.


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