UFC President Dana White and Conor McGregor are at odds after the UFC superstar shared their private direct messages on Twitter. McGregor was showing evidence to the public that he was not turning down fights and making it clear that he was not sitting out and waiting for the perfect match up. White addressed the media regarding the issue during the UFC 253 post fight press conference and stated that McGregor was “breaking man code” by sharing the messages…


McGregor Tells Dana White To Stop Lying…

All of this madness started after McGregor released the DMs between himself and White asking for a fight with Diego Sanchez and Dana bluntly turning the fight down. Although McGregor was trying to make a point with the release of the messages to the public, Diego and Conor are in two different leagues. White knows that and so does McGregor. I get the point McGregor was trying to make with White by taking on anyone to stay active, but it would be a wash of a fight. McGregor addressed the issue after watching Sanchez lose a one-sided decision to Mathews on Saturday. Conor also addressed Dana’s “man code” comments as well…


Hopefully this ends soon as I’m sure we’d all love to see McGregor back in the octagon. Dana White can hold a grudge though, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t see McGregor coming back anytime soon though considering McGregor = Gate Money. The UFC would be foolish to book Conor without fans.

Oh, and he’s also still considered “retired” too, so there’s that.


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By Published On: September 27th, 2020Categories: MMA

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