Dana White addressed the media on Tuesday to clear things up after several UFC fighters tested positive for COVID-19 over the past couple months. White stated that unlike the NBA and MLB the UFC is doing things right when it comes to testing and regulating the organization during a pandemic.

“Look at the history here. Look at what we’ve done, look at how it’s all worked out. One of the things that we’re not doing that the other sports are doing is there’s people that keep testing positive, right? Positive, positive, positive, but they have no symptoms and they’re not contagious. They’re letting those guys play if it’s in the NBA or Major League Baseball. We’re not. I mean that’s the difference. And, we just had a situation last week where they tested negative, negative, then tested positive, so this thing is just f**king wacky, and you do the best you can. We’re doing everything the right way, it’s just, who knows with this thing?”

Dana White

White also made it clear that he will not stop shaking hands and greeting people…

“Nobody’s got this whole thing figured out yet, but we’ve been solid. Think about me, I’m in there, I shake their hands, I do all these other stuff, and I haven’t had COVID. I will shake people’s hands until the day I die.”

Dana White

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By Published On: September 11th, 2020Categories: MMA

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