Dan Orlovsky is becoming one of the Detroit Lions’ most outspoken players. For this reason, hearing him speak about Matthew Stafford leaving the Lions isn’t that shocking. Nevertheless, Orlovsky spilled some hot tea anyway Thursday morning regarding his former teammate. 

During a guest appearance on the Dale & Keef show Thursday morning, which broadcasts on WEEI 93.7 FM from the New England area, Orlovsky addressed Teddy Bruschi’s comments yesterday about Stafford. Bruschi, who played his entire NFL career (12 seasons) with the New England Patriots, questioned Stafford’s toughness––or lack thereof––regarding reports that Stafford requested the Lions not to do one thing. Stafford asked that they do not send him to New England. 

As Orlovsky began addressing Bruschi’s comments, he also shed some light on Stafford’s desire to leave the Lions.

“I think one of the reasons why he did ask out of Detroit and wanted to go somewhere else — and these are his words, not mine — is he’s tired of being really good individually and not good as a team. He’s accomplished a lot individually and had good stats, and I think he wants the opportunity to play with a competent football team that can actually go win the whole dang thing. That leads itself to wanting to be coached and wanting the pressure. That’s the kind of guy and player that Matthew is.”

In 12 seasons with the Lions, Stafford’s postseason record is 0-3, a blemish that clouds his time in Detroit. At the start of the next season, Stafford will be 33 years old. Along with that, he’ll a whole new set of teammates. The Lions traded Stafford to the LA Rams for Jared Goff, two first-round picks (2022/2023), and a third-round pick (2021).

Newly- acquired Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff has already shown love to both his former and current team. Not Stafford, though. The only remarks from the Stafford camp have come from his wife, Kelly. In a series of Instagram posts, she thanked Detroit’s city for welcoming their family with open arms.

The Stafford-Goff trade will not be official until March 17th. Across the country, media pundits are praising the Rams for acquiring Stafford. Hence, in the Draftkings Sportsbook, the Rams odds of making next year’s Super Bowl shot up. Before landing him, they were a +2200. The odds now have the Rams at a +1100. As a result, it moves the Rams from ninth to third-best odds, trailing the Chiefs and Packers.

As mentioned above, Dan Orlovsky said Stafford left the Lions in an attempt to join a winner. Like a 2 Pac album, all eyes are on him (Stafford). If he does not deliver a winner to the Rams, the fans could turn on him. The Rams’ front office mortgaged their future on acquiring Stafford. Along with that, Rams GM Les Snead could be out of a job if this doesn’t work. Ultimately, this is a sink or swim moment for the Rams.

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By Published On: February 4th, 2021Categories: NFL

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