Once again, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is the subject of criticism. Whether it’s nationally or locally, it seems everyone has something to say about MCDC. His most recent criticism came from a light-hearted moment at a pre-OTAs press conference.

Last Thursday, the Detroit Grand Prix named Campbell the Grand Marshall for this weekend’s race. Campbell opened the presser wearing a race helmet as he thanked the Grand Prix for the honor. Since then, he’s heard critiques from FS1’s Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor, as well as few members of local Detroit media. They’ve questioned whether (insert any NFL head coach) would do that. Some even went as far as calling him a cartoon character.

The criticism doesn’t phase him one bit.

“Honestly, I’m not worried about it,” said Campbell. “My whole thing was [that] it was kind of a joke. I mean, the helmet was sitting here, but it was also like, Hey man, it’s the Detroit Grand Prix. I mean, I think that would be a pretty cool deal for our people, our fans to see that, and I think if I’m associated with the Grand Prix, it’s like ‘Hey man, that’s pretty cool.'”

“So that’s really as far as it went. I’m not worried about the criticism. Look, I’m going to get criticized either way. That’s what you guys do, and everybody outside of this world.”

As Campbell defended himself, he made one point clear. He knows the most important things that everyone will judge him on.

“Ultimately, I’m going to be judged on wins and losses,” said Campbell.

“Look, those things aren’t going to happen during the season. Right now, I’m just being me and having a good time with it.”

Dan Campbell talks Race car helmet controversy and Calvin Johnson.

Dan Campbell talks MegaTron

Campbell also addressed comments made by Lions legend and Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson. During a meet and greet session for his Primitiv Elevated Wellness brand, Woodward Sports asked Johnson his opinion on comments made by Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn. Glenn spoke on the team wanting “*** kickers,” and Johnson cosigned it.

“You gotta have that mindset,” Johnson told Woodward Sports. “It’s a violent game. You can’t be a sheep out there. You gotta be a wolf.”

After hearing that, Campbell expressed his sentiments on Johnson’s cosign.

“Anytime you get comments from somebody like Calvin that kind of sees it the way we do, it’s a good thing,” said Campbell.

“He was unselfish. He was a great teammate. Then, when you’re able to have that type of mentality and that type of work ethic and you have the type of talent that he does, there’s no secret to why he was as great as he was.”

The Detroit Lions will begin their mandatory minicamp on Tuesday afternoon. Over the past two weeks, the Lions OTAs have been the talk of the Motor City. And it comes mainly from the participation. The Lions have had over 80+ players attend the voluntary sessions.

In most of the post OTAs pressers, players have backed the approach of Dan Campbell, with high praise for the coaching staff. So far, it seems Campbell and Co. are getting things right.

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