Colby Cobvington

“He’s gonna cry to the world, get everyone to feel sympathy and feel bad for him.” – Colby Covington

#1 ranked UFC Welterweight Colby Covington is once again verbally attacking his former teammates and this time around he’s got his target set on Dustin Poirier. During a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Covington lashed out at Poirier and stated the fomer Lightweight champ has no chance against Conor McGregor.

All I gotta say guys is make sure you guys got the Kleenex ready at the press conference. Cause you know Dustin Sore-ier is going to break down on the mic. He’s gonna cry to the world, get everyone to feel sympathy and feel bad for him. He’s going to get sparked again in the first round ’cause he’s completely washed up and has no chin anymore and no heart. It’s not going to be competitive. I think Conor’s just going to spark him in the first round.Wah-wah, feel bad for me, I didn’t accomplish my dream.’ Yeah, ’cause you’re a bitch. You didn’t work hard enough for it. What is up with society these days? People think everybody should get a participation trophy. Dustin needs his safe space. Go to your safe space, Dustin.

Covington vs Masvidal On The Next Season Of The Ultimate Fighter?

I don’t exactly know what Covington is trying to do here, but I’m writing an article on him so I guess it’s working. This is Covington just staying relevant but could you imagine if Poirier moved up to 170lbs and fought Covington?! I know it would never happen, but then again I never would’ve thought the UFC would have a year like 2020. Anything is possible in the world of MMA. I think we’re more likely to see Covington vs Masvidal than any shot of Colby vs Dustin happening. I think if the UFC really wants to make The Ultimate Fighter pop you make Colby vs Jorge TUF. Lets be honest the last time fans cared about TUF was McGregor vs Faber. MMA fans LOVE drama and nothing would be better than TUF: Covington vs Masvidal.

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By Published On: December 26th, 2020Categories: MMA

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