When it comes to trash talk, there’s not many like Colby Covington. The #1 ranked Welterweight in the UFC knows how to stir up drama, but when is it too much? Listen, I understand selling a fight. I also understand saying something and actually meaning it are two different things. The issue here is that Covington is playing a character, but not everyone thinks its funny.

After defeating Tyron Woodley in the 5th round at UFC Vegas 11, Covington used his post fight press conference time to bash “woke athletes” for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Covington specifically targeted LeBron James and had this to say about the NBA star…


“LeBron Is A Spineless Coward”

Calling LeBron a “spineless coward” over supporting BLM is comical considering all Covington is doing is stirring the pot. Obviously it’s working because the entire MMA community is talking about him this week (including myself), but Covington has said countless times that this whole Trump character he portrays is just that, a character. NBA players have also responded to the harsh words from Colby…


The problem with all of this is that although it gets people talking, it tarnishes the actual fight legacy of Covington. When Covington leaves MMA and retires people are going to remember this role he played more than his actual career. Colby is one of the best Welterweights the UFC has ever had, but playing this media game only works if you’re on top. Covington knows in his heart of hearts that the nonsense he is spewing is just running his mouth, but he’s playing to his base and its working.

Turning The UFC Into The WWE

The problem I have with his character is that it makes the organization look like trash and encourages other fighters to play similar roles for fights. More fights are made now through the power of trash talk than the actual ranking system that no one gives a damn about and is highly based on popularity, but that topic is for another time. Regardless of which side you are on when it comes to politics, it would be great if Colby could focus on fighting and being less cringe, but that will never happen. It’s worked for him and gotten him better fights and star power, and its only going to get worse from here.



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By Published On: September 22nd, 2020Categories: MMA

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