If you’ve been following along with all my articles on Brad Holmes and the Detroit Lions you can see the progression of thought.  I have been cheering using all draft capital on Defense since the 2022 season came to an end.

In the past week my thoughts have evolved as we have all gotten to witness the Wizard of Allen Park at work.

After the signing of CJ Gardner-Johnson to an $8 Million contract the Lions had about $2 Million left in cap space to spend this off season.  Then, Brad does it again by restructuring Romeo Okwara’s contact to add an additional $10 Million to spend. Leaving the Detroit Lions with around $12 Million in additional cap room.

So far Brad has addressed the Detroit Lions RB situation, he has upgraded the CB room and now took care of the Safeties.

In my opinion, the Offense is pretty much set.  The rebuilt defense now has a strong Line and a complimentary secondary.

That really only leaves 2 places where Brad could be spending his Draft capital.  A back up/future QB and Linebacker are really the only thing this version of the Lions absolutely needs.

I am pretty sure if I see this, Brad sees this (considering Brad Holmes is much smarter than I am).

So now my thoughts of all Defense in the first 2 rounds is kind of out the window.  Brad has put the team in position to take the best player available if they want, gamble on an incoming QB if they want or trade down and get more picks to draft more stars.

If the Detroit Lions do elect to draft a QB with the #6 or #18 Pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, it will no longer be at the expense of building a defense.  It will be a part of the puzzle that Brad Holmes is putting together.

The only real problem I see with LB’s in the draft is there isn’t “That Guy”. By that I mean a game changer that can step in immediately and make a huge splash.  There are some nice players but none that really jump off the tape for me.

Hopefully with the extra $12 Million in cap space Brad Holmes can go out and get a stud LB. Lavonte David, David Long and Bobby Wagner are still out there.  Any one of those guys would help the LB Room become better overnight.

We have all had the QB debate.  Is Jared Goff the guy?  When should they go after his successor?

If you would have asked me a month ago I would have said avoid a QB in this draft at all costs in the early rounds.  Now, with the team in built up on both sides of the ball, if Brad goes that route I trust it will be the right move.

In Brad Holmes I trust.  You should too.

Ford Field is going to be on Fire this year.  I can’t wait!

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By Published On: March 21st, 2023Categories: Detroit Lions, Trending News

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