TOP 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers

Football is weeks away and I am back with another Fantasy Football rankings. Lets dive into the Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receivers to target this Fantasy Season. All of my rankings are based on a full PPR league, which can make a big difference in scoring, especially when you look outside of the top 5 at this position. Out of all the position rankings that we will talk about in Fantasy the Wide Receiver position seems to be the most chalk. But, there are still a few guys that can crack the top 10 that may help your Fantasy squad this season, here we go:

1. Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams

2021 Fantasy Points: 439.5 Points (17 Games)

This is a no brainer. Kupp dominated last season when he took home the Offensive Player of the Year award. Dominating fantasy leagues last year averaging 25.9 fantasy PPG, which is 4 points more than the next WR. The big question is, can Kupp have another big season like last year? That answer is, yes. Even if Kupp takes a small step back this season, he still will be one of the best Fantasy WRs you can have on your roster. Last season, he was targeted more than any other player averaging over 11 targets per game. Playing in a PPR league, players with high targets become even more valuable. Kupp is my WR1 in this season Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings.

2. Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

2021 Fantasy Points: 330.4 Points (17 Games)

Jefferson finished last season as WR4. With a friendly schedule and a new Head Coach in Minnesota this season, this will propel Jefferson to a top 3 WR in Fantasy Football. He was also Top 5 in targets last season out of all wide receivers. In his first two seasons, Jefferson posted 1,400 yards and 1,600 yards. It doesn’t look like he is looking to take any steps back this season, and could come out of this season as the best WR in the league.

3. Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders

2021 Fantasy Points: 344.13 Points (16 Games)

Adams averaged the 2nd most Fantasy Points per game last season out of all WRs. He also was 2nd in the league in targets. The change of scenery and QB does not worry me at all. Yes, he is leaving one of the best QBs in the league, but Derek Carr is no scrub hisself. I believe Adams will still continue to put up the numbers he was before, and his threat around the goal line almost guarantees you a touchdown every week in fantasy. Lock Adams in as my WR3.

4. Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals 

2021 Fantasy Points:  Points (17 Games)

Outside of Kupp, Jefferson, and Adams. It is starting to become really easy to throw Ja’Marr Chase in a list with them. We all saw the historic rookie season Chase put up last year in terms of yards (1,455 yards) and TD’s (13). During their Super Bowl run it become known that Chase is one of the premier WRs in the league now. Tho I wanted to throw him in the top 3 on this list, the only thing that held me back were the other two WRs the Bengals have in Higgins and Boyd. Probably the best all around receiving core in the NFL, some weeks those two guys will put up some numbers and take away from Chase.

5. Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills

2021 Fantasy Points: 285.5 Points (17 Games)

On the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills and their Elite offense, it is all circled around Diggs and Allen. Diggs last season, was top 5 in WRs in targets and ended the season with the 7th most fantasy points out of all WRs. With the Bills adding Jamison Crowder and the outburst late last season from Gabriel Davis. This is going to open the field up more for Diggs to make plays and put up bigger numbers. I believe Diggs is going to have his best year yet in Year 3 with the Bills and Josh Allen.

6. Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins

2021 Fantasy Points: 296.5 Points (17 Games)

With Hill being on a new team, having to adjust to a new offense and also a new Quarterback. I believe we will still be seeing the same Tyreek Hill that we are used too. Yes, he has Tua throwing passes too him now, but we all know the Elite Speed and Playmaking capabilities that Hill has. Last year Hill ended the season at WR6 in Fantasy, averaging 17.4 Fantasy Points per game and 9.4 targets per game (7th). Even with Waddle, I believe Hill is going to be the backbone of this Miami offense each week and put up big numbers.

7. CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys

2021 Fantasy Points: 232.8 Points (16 Games)

This is where this list really starts to get interesting. Outside of the Top 5 you can really start to flip a lot of these guys around. I had to put Lamb high up on this list tho. Now, with Amari Cooper heading out of town to the Browns. This season Lamb is going to get increased targets and be the man in Dallas. Last year, he was 22nd in Targets out of all WRs. I expect this number to go up by 2-3 targets this year, and to have another big season.

8. Deebo Samuel, San Fransisco 49ers

2021 Fantasy Points: 339 Points (17 Games)

With all the contract negotiations going on the last few weeks, I was questioning throwing Deebo in my Top 10. But, he got his extension and the stats don’t lie. Last season, Deebo was 3rd in Fantasy Points out of all WRs and was 1/3 to average over 20 fantasy points per game. The only question that I have with Deebo is, he mentioned he no longer wants to be used as a running back which really may take a hit on his Fantasy Points from last season being he scored 8 rushing TDs.

9. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

2021 Fantasy Points: 262.5 Points (16 Games)

With the GOAT, Tom Brady coming back. I believe Evans will end up having his best season yet. The last 2 seasons with Brady he has combined for 2,041 yards and 27 TDs. Evans may be the most consistent Receiver on this list, putting up at least 1,000 yards in every season and averaging over 9 TDs per year. The Brady and Evans connection is going to continue this season and Evans will end the year as a Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings without a doubt.

10. Diontae Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers

2021 Fantasy Points: 274.5 Points (16 Games)

This last one may surprise a lot of people. Diontae Johnson finishes out my list of Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings. Johnson is one of the more underrated WRs right in the league right now. Every “expert” list I have seen has him outside of the Top 15. Johnson finished last season averaging the 7th most Fantasy points per game as a WR (17.2) and was the 2nd most targeted WR with 10.6 targets. Yes, the QB position is a question in Pittsburgh, but if we are being honest it may have been a worse problem last season with Big Ben. They will be running the same offense, and I believe Johnson will get just as many targets this year which will make him extremely valuable.

HONORABLE MENTION: 11. Keenan Allen 12. Terry McLaurin 13. A.J. Brown 14. D.J. Moore 15. DK Metcalf 16. Chris Godwin

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