It seems that Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions are finally ready to bury the hatchet. The Hall of Fame receiver expressed his excitement about reconnecting with his former team on a recent interview with Jim Rome.

“I’m excited to be around the team again,” Johnson said. “Just being around football and allow my kids to see some of the things that I was able to do while I was with Detroit.”

The fractured relationship between Calvin Johnson and the Lions began in 2016, when the team demanded the return of a prorated portion of Johnson’s signing bonus following his retirement. While some teams waive this right for their most honored players, the Lions went through with the demand, reclaiming $1.6 million from Johnson.

Restoring the Relationship

Despite the acrimony of the past, Johnson and the Lions have made significant progress in recent years. According to Johnson, much of the credit for this turnaround goes to Mike Disner, the Lions’ current Chief Operating Officer.

“I’m excited about him actually reaching out and putting the effort forward to try and make that happen,” Johnson said. “That’s the difference that I have not seen in the past that’s happening now.”

While Johnson acknowledged that there is still work to be done, he expressed optimism about the progress that has been made so far. He believes that he can provide valuable guidance to the team, both on and off the field.

“I want to be back around football and help out the team,” Johnson said. “Not that they need my help. But I have a lot of experience to share with those guys, whether it’s football or off-the-field (matters). I definitely could be of value to the organization.”

Looking Ahead

It remains to be seen what role Johnson will have within the Lions organization going forward. But it is clear that both sides are committed to strengthening their relationship. For fans of the Lions and football enthusiasts alike, the prospect of Johnson once again being a part of the team is an exciting one.

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By Published On: February 21st, 2023Categories: Detroit Lions

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