Detroit was named as the host for the 2027 NCAA Final Four today. And Stadium analyst Jeff Goodman took issue with that.

In the short time that Goodman hit send on the tweet he has already received immediate hate for his negative comment towards the city of Detroit.

Detroit has a good track record for events

Detroit has hosted the Final Four before back in 2009. Michigan State fans remember that one vividly as it was the year they lost to North Carolina in the championship game.

By all accounts, the Final Four was a success and most people had a good time in Detroit.

Metro-Detroiters are very protective of their hometown. Anytime an outsider rips on the city, the locals are quick to come to the defense of Detroit.

The phrase Detroit vs Everybody is popular for a reason. And in some people’s opinion, mine, it’s kind of overused.

I’m supportive of our area like most people but I do understand the point Goodman could have been making.

It’s still fairly cold in early April here inIf that’s not your scene then I get it. I’m not fond of the cold myself.

If we’re being honest there also isn’t a lot of tourist attractions downtown. Especially if you aren’t into art or music history.

If I were a national media member there are a number of cities I’d rather go cover one of the biggest sporting events of the year than Detroit. That’s not hate, it’s just a preference.

There are probably certain parts of the country you wouldn’t take a vacation to. It doesn’t mean you hate that place. It just might not be your cup of tea.

I do believe events like the Final Four, Super Bowl and All-Star Games should move around to different cities. Especially one’s with a rich history of sports like Detroit.

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By Published On: November 22nd, 2022Categories: NCAA

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