You Can’t Have Show Called The Art Of Combat Without A Little Combat.

When putting together the name of my show I wanted something that could easily be associated with all things Mixed Martial Arts. I’ve always been fascinated with hand to hand combat but never really pursued learning a certain discipline. I realized there’s no sense in having the name The Art Of Combat if I don’t have any combat skills. Sure, I earned a green belt and black stripe in Karate when I was five, but that doesn’t count when you’ve forgotten everything due to drinking in your 20’s. I decided to go all in and give it my best for the next 6 weeks to see if I make any progress.

Thanks to Chris and the team at Allegiance Gym in Sterling Heights they’ve graciously opened their doors for me. Over the next couple weeks I will be learning as much as I can and hopefully tapping out less. I’ll be posting weekly videos from Allegiance and I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Make sure you give Allegiance a follow on social media @allegiancegym and look for a new video next week!

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By Published On: November 11th, 2020Categories: MMA

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