Johnson Says Romero Fight Will Happen In His Second Or Third Bellator Fight

Bellator newcomer Anthony Johnson wasted no time responding to former UFC and now Bellator fighter Yoel Romero. Both fighters have recently split from the UFC and signed with Bellator MMA. Johnson stated in a recent interview that he is ready for a fight with Romero but that it won’t be his first fight in Bellator…

I do believe eventually it will happen. It’ll be maybe my second, maybe my third fight. I was surprised when I saw what he said. The whole 90 percent thing threw me for a spin because I was like, ‘Nobody said nothing to me. I’ve seen your name more on my Instagram than on a contract.’ You know what I’m saying? I don’t know what he’s been told. I understand promoting and hype, but I don’t know about that 90 percent thing.

Bellator Fighter Anthony Johnson

Although this would be a MMA fans dream fight, it’s probably for the best for this fight to be put on pause for a bit. Let Johnson and Romero get in the Bellator cage and get a couple fights in first. There’s no reason for two legends of the sport to fight one another as quickly as possible.

Truth be told both fighters moving from the octagon to the Bellator cage shocked the MMA world. Johnson was not expected but his move was not as much of a surprise as Romero getting cut from the UFC and then signing with Bellator. Romero recently stated the cut from the UFC came as a complete shock. Considering the organization is cutting 60 fighters by the end of the year I’m sure we’ll see a couple more cuts that make MMA fans shake their head. Regardless, hopefully Johnson vs Romero happens before either decide to retire.

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By Published On: December 18th, 2020Categories: MMA

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