Could Jared Goff be heading to the Seattle Seahawks? Tim Weaver of the USA Today’s Seahawks Wire thinks it’s possible.

It’s no secret that the Seahawks are in search of a quarterback. They parted ways with Russell Wilson, sending him to the Denver Broncos. And that trade left them stuck with Drew Lock as the incumbent starter.

In one of his recent pieces, Weaver listed six quarterbacks that he feels the Seahawks could attempt to acquire before the 2022 season kicks off. Goff is one of those six players Weaver has listed. And he detailed why Goff is a fit.

“If nothing else, Goff at least KnOwS tHe SyStEm from his time playing with the Los Angeles Rams, who run a very similar offensive scheme to Shane Waldron’s,” stated Weaver. “Goff also may be getting better with age, as he managed a respectable 19/8 touchdown-to-interception ratio last year with the Lions.”

Weaver also outlined why the Seahawks shouldn’t make the move.

“Even if he looked better last season he’s still Jared Goff – and few fanbases know the flaws in his game better than Seattle’s,” said Weaver. “Goff is essentially a jugs machine – he can throw accurately to one spot on the field, but he has almost no ability to improvise whatsoever, which makes him extremely turnover prone and vulnerable against pressure.”

“In 83 career games in the NFL, Goff has thrown 63 interceptions to go with 51 fumbles. He also has an ugly contract with cap hits over $30 million each of the next three years.”


Despite Weaver’s pros and cons, Goff heading to Seattle seems unlikely. One reason for that is the Lions’ offseason moves. On paper, it appears they’ve made a commitment to Goff for at least one more year.

For starters, they promoted Ben Johnson to offensive coordinator. And both have spoken glowingly of each other since. Johnson is already working hard to make Goff a success. He anticipates Goff will have a career-best year this season.

And you can bet Goff loved hearing that.

Secondly, they acquired some weapons for Goff. They signed speedy wideout, DJ Chark to a one-year deal. And when healthy, Chark has proven to be a helluva target. In 2019, Chark caught 73 passes for 1,008 yards and eight touchdowns. The Lions didn’t stop there, though.

In this year’s draft, they traded up to snag Jameson Williams. And if Williams wasn’t injured, he could’ve been the first receiver drafted. All signs point toward him returning to his full speed and athleticism pre-injury.

Even though Weaver listed Goff as a potential Seahawks target, expect him to suit up for the Lions this year.

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By Published On: June 28th, 2022Categories: NFL

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