We all know the type of guy Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is on the field.  He’s fearless, precise, quick and smart. Everything you want in a competitor.  But that doesn’t tell the full picture of who he is as a man, teammate and human.

I must preface this by letting you know my father passed from cancer five years ago. It is a horrible disease, and I gained more empathy for anyone that is battling it and any family member that is fighting alongside them. The wear on the human body is tragic to watch.  The wear on a family fighting together is both a beautiful thing and an impossible thing to witness.

Before the Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears game this past weekend, Amon-Ra had a sideline interaction with a young man named Lucas.

In the video you can see St. Brown come over to Lucas, who is in a wheelchair.  Lucas told Amon-Ra “You’re my favorite player”.  You can see Lucas’ father tell St. Brown that his son was recently diagnosed with cancer. St. Brown signed his jersey. The interaction was short but sweet.

The video and interaction in themselves are fantastic.  But it’s what happened hours later that really shows what kind of man Amon-Ra St. Brown is.

You can tell that the interaction stuck with St. Brown.  This wasn’t just a sideline hand shake. I pretend to care and move on with my day type of thing.  This moment stayed on his mind until well after the 31-30 victory over Chicago.  A game where St. Brown had 10 catches and 119 yards.

St Brown took to twitter to see if he could find Lucas!

Using social media in the best way possible Amon-Ra asked his followers to “#HelpMeFindLucas”.  Twitter obliged.

Not only did the message get out, it came to the attention of Lucas’ father, who then tweeted back at St. Brown.

This story just puts a smile on my face.  Not only does it touch close to home for me personally, but it shows the true nature of Amon-Ra St. Brown. It also shows how social media can and should be used for good.

We wish Lucas and his family nothing but strength throughout their battle.  You have a whole team of people here at Woodward Sports behind you too!

Photo: © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: November 15th, 2022Categories: Detroit Lions

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