Sneaker collaborations have become a major part of the fashion industry, bringing together iconic brands and personalities. Nike Sneaker collabs are the most sought-after. From Eminem x Air Jordan to Billie Eilish x Nike, these partnerships have produced some of the most memorable and influential sneakers of all time. In this list, we have compiled the top 11 sneaker collaborations that have left a lasting impact on the industry and culture.

1. Eminem x Air Jordan

Eminem Air Jordan

Eminem x Air Jordan / StockX

This collaboration between Eminem and Air Jordan dates back to 2004 with the release of the “Encore” Jordan 4s, named after the rapper’s album of the same name. These sneakers are highly sought after and expensive, with a starting price on StockX of $24,133.

Obviously, a price tag like that is unattainable to most. Fortunately, the Eminem and Air Jordan collab continued, providing sneakerheads with a plethora of options. The Air Shady’s below, which arrived less than a year ago, can be found on the secondary market between $50-$300.

2. Off-White x Nike

Off White Nike

Off White x Nike / GOAT

One of the standout Nike sneaker collaborations between Off-White and Nike is the Air Jordan x Off-White Retro High UNC sneakers. These high tops, inspired by Jordan’s alma mater, are highly coveted and difficult to obtain.

3. Bodega x Nike

Bodega Nike

Bodega x Nike / StockX

The partnership between Nike and Bodega is known for its attention to detail and quality, with the goal of creating sneakers that celebrate Americana.

4. Supreme x Nike

Supreme Nike

Supreme x Nike / StadiumGoods

With a partnership spanning nearly two decades, Supreme and Nike have released many successful drops. One iconic collaboration is the Nike x Supreme Air Force 1s, which stand out with their Supreme branded laces and logo.

5. Union Los Angeles x Air Jordan

Union Los Angeles Air Jordan

Union Los Angeles x Air Jordan / StockX

Air Jordan and Union have released multiple collections together, including the recent “Desert Moss” and “Taupe Haze” iterations of the Air Jordan 4s.

6. Billie Eilish x Nike

Billie Eilish Nike

Billie Eilish x Nike / StockX

Since their partnership began in 2021, Nike and Billie Eilish have released several successful, vegan and environmentally-friendly products. Their latest drop was two new colorways of the Nike x Billie Eilish AF1 Low, with more to come in 2023.

7. Don C x Air Jordan

Don C Air Jordan

Don C x Air Jordan / GOAT

In 2015-2016, Don C collaborated with the Jordan Brand to release two premium leather quilted Jordan 2s in taupe and royal blue. Theis Nike sneaker is still popular on the secondary market.

8. OVO x Air Jordan

OVO Air Jordan

OVO x Air Jordan / GOAT

One notable collaboration between OVO and Air Jordan is the OVO x Air Jordan 12 “Retro White” sneakers, released in 2016 and described as luxurious with a white leather upper and gold accents.

9. Undefeated x Air Jordan

Undefeated Air Jordan

Undefeated x Air Jordan / StockX

Air Jordan and Undefeated have had a long and successful partnership, with a range of high and low top releases. One notable collaboration is their very first drop, the UNDFTD x Air Jordan 4s from 2005. These shoes hold a special place in sneaker history and represent a simpler time in 2000s culture. It is hard to believe that it has been over fifteen years since these two brands joined forces.

10. Public School x Air Jordan

Public School Air Jordan

Air Jordan x Public School / GOAT

In 2015, Public School’s collaboration with Air Jordan included the “Dark Grey” 12s, known for their all-grey design and leather-aligned insoles.

11. Balvin x Air Jordan

J Balvin Air Jordan

Air Jordan x J. Balvin / StockX

Released in December 2020, J. Balvin’s collaboration with Air Jordan is called “Colores Y Vibras” and pays tribute to J. Balvin’s Colombian heritage with its color scheme and signature smiley face.

From the sentimental value of the first UNDFTD x Air Jordan drop to the environmentally-friendly products of the Billie Eilish x Nike collaboration, each of these partnerships has contributed something special to the world of sneakers. Whether it’s a nod to Americana or a tribute to an artist’s heritage, these top 10 collaborations have all made a mark on the industry and will continue to be remembered and celebrated by sneaker enthusiasts.

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