Aidan Hutchinson deserves a round of applause because he simply gets “it”. And the “it” is something that college and professional athletes can learn from him. What is “it” you may ask? Simple. When someone asks you a question, don’t offer something super PC. Be honest, even if it’s brutal.

Hutchinson did that on Wednesday during an interview with “The Wheelhouse” on ESPN’s Houston radio affiliate, 97.5. During the interview, the show’s hosts questioned him on a bevy of things. Topics ranged from his thoughts on Michigan making the college football playoffs to breaking the school’s single-season sack record.

However, the eyebrow raiser came when asked about the Detroit Lions.

Hutchinson fielded a question about whether he grew up a Lions fan. And the reason the hosts asked him that question is obvious.

It’s no secret that Hutchinson is a Michigan-native, playing high school football at Divine Child. Furthermore, with the Lions record standing at 1-10-1, it’s not a shocker they’re en route to the first overall pick in next year’s draft. With early mock draft boards projecting him to be the first pick, one would assume his story is the hometown kid plays fulfills his dream of playing for his local pro team he was a fan of.

Not in Hutchinson’s case. His answer wasn’t an empty statement. It was real.

“You know, growing up, it was hard being a Lions fan,” Hutchinson told The Wheelhouse. “The Lions have been struggling for a while. I actually grew up a Patriots fan with Tom Brady and stuff like that. So, I never really loved the Lions too much. But, hey, if they pick me, they’re getting it all.”

Bravo, Hutchinson, Bravo!

That answer is as real as it gets because throughout his whole life, the Lions haven’t won. If you factor in from his birth until he was ten-years-old, the Detroit Lions never finished higher than third in their division. And that’s only four times. Now, if you go from when he was ten-years-old until now, the Lions have never finished higher than second in the division, and they only accomplished that three times.

Hutchinson has never witnessed the Detroit Lions win their division. He’s never witnessed a Lions’ playoff victory. The last time the Lions won a playoff game, his father, Chris, was doing the same thing he is now––playing football for Michigan.

And that was in 1992.

Because of that take, he is a guy the Lions need in their locker room. Not only is he a baller on the field, but he’s a straight-shooter. All throughout this Lions season, head coach Dan Campbell, for better or worse, has been exactly that. So if he’s available when the Lions make their selection in the 2022 NFL Draft, they need to take him if they have the first pick. He has all of the makings of being a “Dan Campbell” guy. With the Lions aiming to rebuild through the trenches, he was be a sensational pick due to his play, character, and apparent straight-forwardness.

Aidan Hutchinson showed great class when answering the question during his time in Houston. He was in town for the Rotary Lombardi award for the nation’s top lineman (offensive or defensive), which he won.

Hutchinson may not have grown up being a fan of the Lions, but he will definitely create some young Lions fans if he lands in Detroit in next year’s draft.

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By Published On: December 9th, 2021Categories: NCAA, NFL

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