We loved the banter between Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and running backs coach Duce Staley during HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Many wanted to buy a “Salty” T-shirt, a garment Glen wore during training camp that described his disposition and the mind set he wanted his defense to have.

That’s entertainment and fantasy land. Now let me introduce you to the real world. The defense that Glenn coaches is the worst in the NFL. No team in league history has given up as many points after four games as Glenn’s squad of gloom.

If you want to say he should be fired during the bye week, I won’t fight you. I am not ready to go there just yet although it was the first time in 728 games that the Seahawks did not punt in a game.

However, I have something I want you to think about. There is a chance the Lions could get rid of their offensive and defensive coordinators in back to back years. Why does the man in charge remain Teflon Dan?

Why is there no heat on head coach Dan Campbell? Why no heat from the guy who hired offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn and Glenn? Why does the public not talk about Campbell’s job security after guiding the Lions to a 4-16-1 record in 21 games?

Campbell’s win percentage (.214) is below that of Matt Millen (.242) when he served as team president and general manager and the failed Quinntricia era (.313). Yet this man walks up to the podium each week a hero although he wins one out of every five games.

And we talk about what clowns Matt Patricia, Bob Quinn and Matt Millen were. Yet Campbell escapes unscathed.

Yep, people got on his case when he gave away the Minnesota game last week. But that all went away and there was no talk about job security.

Why? He has snowed this community with his jargon. He has fooled people with his passionate speeches during Hard Knocks and people are thrilled that his team does not give up down the stretch after getting their asses kicked for 3 ½ quarters.

Can you say moral victory boys and girls.

That is not good enough for me. And it should not be good enough for you.

Campbell said he is going to look at this organization from top to bottom. There could be personnel changes and changes in schemes.

“We lack confidence. That’s very clear to me’ Campbell said. “It’s frustrating and I have nobody to blame but myself. That’s on me to handle that. And I can’t keep saying that, you can’t keep writing that. I’ll look at everything.”

Yes, Glenn’s defense is bad. You have the right to bark and the right to question if he belongs here. But the last time I checked Campbell was the head MF in charge. He can’t tell his coordinator “do not call a zero blitz” after it has failed time after time after time?

He can’t say “watch out for that bootleg? The tight end is open every time Smith pivots from his left to the right?

The Lions score a lot of points – more than any other team – and that’s nice. The objective is to win games. The Lions are close but no cigar. A .214 win percentage suggest something is wrong. And Dan Campbell is part of the problem.


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By Published On: October 4th, 2022Categories: Detroit Lions, NFL

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