When a franchise trades a marquee player, it’s usually a risky move. And questions generally surround that decision. Was it the right time? Did (insert team) get enough value back? And the big one, how will it help the franchise out. The questions are endless. However, that’s not the case with Deshaun Watson. 

In Watson’s case, any team thinking of trading for him should reconsider the decision. It’s entirely too much risk involved and not enough reward. Watson, 25, is entering his fifth year in the NFL. And despite losing significant weapons over the past few seasons, he’s a top-five NFL QB. 

If anyone disagrees, look at the numbers.

He’s made the Pro Bowl in three out of his first four seasons. And despite losing his number one target, DeAndre Hopkins, in a trade with the Cardinals, Watson had his best season last year. Playing all 16 games, Watson threw for 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns. 

And no disrespect to him, but Watson did this with Brandin Cooks as his primary target. Cooks is good, but he’s not DeAndre Hopkins.

So with all of the positives about Watson, what’s the hangup on trading for him? After all, it sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well, wrong. 

As great as Deshaun Watson is, the situation regarding his sexual assault allegations is still a huge cloud hanging over his head. Currently, it doesn’t look like Watson will miss any playing time due. As of now, talks surrounding his situation have strangely cooled off. And there hasn’t been any word from the NFL whether he’ll miss time. 

Furthermore, there have not been any recent developments in the many civil trials he’s facing. 

So what’s the big risk in trading for him? It’s the asking price from the Houston Texans. 

It’s entirely too much. 

On Monday, NFL Insider Chris Mortensen tweeted that the Texans’ price for Watson is “some combination of five high draft picks, and starting-caliber players, per two league executives.”

Houston, we have a problem!

Should the Detroit Lions look into acquiring Deshaun Watson?

Once news broke that the Houston Texans will entertain offers for Deshaun Watson, social media exploded again. That went double for fans of the Detroit Lions. 

And course, the big question was: Should the Detroit Lions try to get Watson from the Texans?

Short and long answer: No.

If the Texans had a lower asking price, it might be a no-brainer. It depends on whom you ask. For a talent like Watson, asking for a few first-rounders, along with a second or third, isn’t that crazy. Now, if the Texans were asking for one first-rounder, a good player, and some third-rounders, that’d be a steal. 

However, with Watson’s future still in limbo, giving up the haul the Texans are requesting isn’t a smart move. There’s entirely too much risk and not enough reward.

The Detroit Lions are in a rebuild. And right now, that rebuild is trending upward. The vibe surrounding this team, so far, is good. Players are happy to report to camp. Additionally, they’ve given their coaching staff high remarks throughout the entire offseason. Lastly, newly acquired QB Jared Goff showcased he’s “all-in” on Detroit as a city lately.

The Lions also have two first-round picks over the next two drafts. Is that worth risking to acquire someone with an uncertain playing status?

While Goff is no Deshaun Watson in any shape or form, he is without the drama. And even if Watson were to miss little or no significant time for the Detroit Lions, trading for him is too risky. As great as he is, acquiring him could be a setback. 

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By Published On: July 26th, 2021Categories: NFL

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