I want make something extremely clear, I am NOT a Draftkings MMA expert. I’ve played for a number of years now and I’ve won big on a handful of occasions. What that being said, please take my opinions on this subject lightly. I’m in no way encouraging you to spend your savings based on my tips. I just enjoy playing because it adds a little more excitement to the sport.

Draftkings Fantasy MMA doesn’t only add a little more fun to watching fights, it helps you learn about new fighters and dive into the sport. Over the years of playing Draftkings Fantasy MMA I’ve researched fighters like never before. I check out fighter stats, highlight reels, and other data to make my predictions. 99% of the time I have at least one lineup that finishes with all six being victorious. The key is hitting the sweet spot. KO or submission victories = more points which equals bigger payouts. I decided to put a little video together and share my amateur advice on how to cash in with Draftkings. Take my advice lightly and let me know in the comments what you do to achieve Draftkings victory.


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By Published On: September 5th, 2020Categories: Fantasy Sports

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