Justin Gaethje vs Khabib Nurmagomedov is hands down the biggest fight this year for the UFC. Although the betting lines would say Justin Gaethje has almost no chance of beating Khabib, I would disagree and I’m willing to die on this hill. Here’s a couple reasons why Gaethje has everything it takes to beat Khabib on Saturday.

Gaethje Has Yet To Display His NCAA Division 1 Wrestling

Justin Gaethje’s has yet to display his championship wrestling skills in the UFC. Fans have been begging Gaethje to show off his grappling and dominate fighters on the ground for years, yet he continues to strike it out. Sure, casual MMA fans would rather see Justin run head first throwing haymakers, but it would be amazing to see Gaethje grapple with Khabib and win. Khabib is a wrestling wizard, but he’s never faced anyone like Gaethje before. Justin can not only stand and bang, but if the fight goes to the ground he can dominate as well.

Major Improvements Thanks to Trevor Whitman

When it comes to best coaches in MMA history you have to give a nod to Trevor Whitman. Whitman not only has drastically improved Gaethje’s MMA career, but he helped Rose Namajunas defeat Joanna Jędrzejczyk not once but twice. Without Trevor Whitman, Gaethje would still be throwing bombs with his chin held high. Gaethje has changed his style so much thanks to Whitman. If he sticks to the Trevor Whitman script we will see a new and improved Gaethje entering the octagon on Saturday. Gaethje didn’t swing for the fences against Tony Ferguson and it paid off. He was patient, chose his shots wisely, and rode the Ferguson wave until ending the fight in the fifth round. In previous fights Gaethje would gas out by the second round, now he is more calculated and will use his precision to pick apart Khabib with his trademark calf kicks and overhand strikes.

Khabib’s Chin Isn’t Indestructible And He’s Been Wobbled Before

Khabib has been stunned by shots in his MMA career. One example is with his fight against Michael Johnson. Sure, Gaethje was dropped by Johnson in 2017, but Gaethje finished Johnson in the second round while Khabib used his ground and pound to finish Johnson in the third round in 2016. I know I’m splitting hairs here, but Khabib isn’t a stranger to being rocked in a fight. Another example is when Khabib faced McGregor in 2018. McGregor picked his shots carefully and even stunned Khabib a couple times during their grudge match. I know, Khabib did the same thing to McGregor in the second round and dominated McGregor throughout the entire fight, but the point is Khabib CAN get stunned. Gaethje has some of the best striking in the UFC, but will it be enough to drop Khabib?

Justin Gaethje
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Gaethje Beating Khabib Would Be The Biggest Upset In UFC History

Matt Serra defeating GSP. Holly Holm defeating Ronda Rousey. T.J. Dillashaw defeating Renan Barao. All of those fights were major upsets, but nothing would compare to Gaethje defeating Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254. Don’t get me wrong, Khabib is one of the GOATs of MMA, and with a record of 28-0 he has the record to prove it. All I’m saying is in MMA anyone has a chance, and Justin is Khabib’s biggest test in his UFC career. I can’t wait for Saturday!

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