The aftermath from the Royal Rumble continues as the Elimination Chamber lumes closer and closer. The first Smackdown after the rumble comes to us live from the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina. What is the state of The Bloodline? Could Sami Zayn challenge the Tribal Chief for the title? Will Charlotte Flair respond to Rhea Ripley’s challenge for WrestleMania? Let’s dive into the action for the night and see.

Opening Segment and Match

We still do not know if Jey Uso has been booted from The Bloodline. Reporter Karla Braxton tried to get answers as The Bloodline entered the arena. Roman Reigns ignored her questions. Manager Paul Heyman was also mum, saying he could neither confirm nor deny Uso’s status with The Bloodline.


Ricochet took to the air as he and Braun Strowman defeated the tag team of Imperium and Gunther. The winners get a title shot against The Uso’s next week.

Strowman dominated the match, throwing the members from Imperium around the ring like paperweights. Both Strowman and Ricochet have moments where they have a yelling contest with Gunther that leads to shoving. Referee Ryan Tran soon threw Gunther out, ejecting him from ringside. Ricochet’s aerial assault would lead the team to victory. After Braun hit Ludwig with a Monster Bomb, he tags Ricochet to hit a Senton Bomb off of Strowman’s shoulders. 1,2,3. Impressive win from the newly combined tag team.

Other Matches of the Night

Charlotte Flair (WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion) defeats Sonya Deville by submission with the Figure Eight
Viking Raiders defeat The Brawling Brutes by pinfall
Natalya defeats Shayna Baszler, Shotzi Blackheart and Zelina Vega by submission with a Sharpshooter on Zelina Vega(Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

The Search for Jey

Backstage, Roman Regins questions fellow Bloodline member Jimmy Uso on where his brother is. Also how he finds it disrespectful that he would walk out on them without any communication throughout the week. Jimmy confirms that even though he has spoken to his brother, he will be there for the team next week for their title match. Unfortunately, Tribal Chief is not convinced and tells Jimmy and Solo to go find Jey immediately.

After some time roaming around the arena Jimmy and Solo return to the locker room without Jey. Both Heyman and Jimmy say they haven’t been able to reach Jey over the phone either.
A frustrated and fuming Regins apologizes for his actions to Jimmy. He tells him to be strong for the family and to enjoy the catering on the bus while he goes to the ring to take care of some business.

Roman’s Business

Back from the commercial break, Roman makes his way to the ring demanding that Greenville acknowledge him. Even though he’d rather talk about his WrestleMania opponent Cody Rhodes the fans won’t let the past stay in the past. They wanted him to speak on Sami Zayn and that there’s two sides to every story but to get the full picture you have to go back to War Games. He looked into Zayn’s eyes and all he saw was greed. The same look he sees in everyones eyes that he comes in contact with.

Roman says he gave Sami a chance but all he did was use him. Before Regins can finish his sentence Zayn comes out of no where to attack him. Zayn reveals his Sami Uso shirt while, covering up Uso. Roman quickly bounces back ordering Heyman to get him a chair but is taken out by a spear from Sami. Zayn grabs the chair ready to smash Regins but stops and rolls out of the ring to the floor grabbing a microphone. Sami yells that he never wanted anything from Roman but now he does. He’s coming for the Undisputed Universal Title. Jimmy and Solo make their way through the crowd jumping the barricade to attack Sami in the ring. Roman stops the beating from Solo and Jimmy to deliver a message to him.

As chants of “We want Jey” filled the arena Roman says he’s going to give him what he asked for. Except he wants it at the Elimination Chamber so he can break him in front of his family and friends. The Bloodline backs off leaving Sami in the ring. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if Jey will show up for Sami or the Bloodline and that’s your Friday night Smackdown.

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By Published On: February 5th, 2023Categories: WWE

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