The Detroit Pistons currently have $2.1 million left in cap space. Many are wondering what free-agent the Pistons could sign. 

Former all-star Isaiah Thomas has been making some noise in the basketball community. A few days ago, Thomas dropped 81 points in a Pro-Am game. It caught the eye of many, thinking he still may have something left in the tank. 

While that’s great for Thomas for dropping 81 points, it would be great for the Pistons to have veteran leadership. His speed and athleticism on the court are not the same as they used to be. Here are the reasons why the Pistons should not sign Thomas.

The Pistons should avoid Thomas at all cost

Thomas has had multiple injuries in the past few years that made him sit out for an extended period. Since 2017, he has gone through two hip surgeries and arthroscopic surgery.

Thomas’s injury history is something that the Pistons should avoid at all costs. In the last couple of years, The Pistons had to deal with Blake Griffin’s injuries. So the Pistons do not deal with Thomas possibly getting hurt for a long time, just like Griffin.

Also, due to Thomas’s injuries. He is not as fast and athletic has he used to be. In today’s NBA, the game is played at a faster pace. He won’t able to keep up with today’s player as he used to in the past.

The Pistons roster is filled with young guards. Piston guards: Lee, Hayes, Jackson, Diallo, and Cunningham need playing experience and minutes.

Yes, it would be great for the young guards to learn from Thomas as a player-coach. But in reality, he would take away minutes from those players. All of our guards need the playing experience each night to learn and grow. Thomas has them all take a step back due to him waiting minutes too.

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