Pistons GM Troy Weaver had a press conference today. The Detroit Pistons have the the number one pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft. There have been multiple rumors on what the Pistons will do with that number one pick. During the press conference, Weaver cleared the rumors, the talent in the draft, and discussed restoring the franchise.

Weaver on the trade rumors and drafting scenarios. 

The Pistons have been looking into trading the number one pick or selecting a player other than Cade Cunningham. Weaver isn’t going to have the national media or other scouts make his decision for him. He is always looking into the details and wants to take the time to make his decision. Weaver responded, “There are a bunch of scenarios whether it’s selecting a player or making a trade, we’re going to look at everything.”

Weaver also made a statement on the number one pick fitting into the roster that is already being assembled. “They all fit. We won 20 games. All of the guys fit,” Weaver stated. 

During draft week, people are always trying to start rumors for absolutely no reason. Weaver made a statement on the rumors going on, “I don’t really comment on rumors. I’m just stating, don’t believe anything you read. The rumor mill does nothing for us right now.”

Weaver on the pressure and the talent in this years draft

While many believe that the Pistons are feeling pressure about having the number one pick, Weaver does feel as much pressure by having the number one pick.

Many scouts and others in the league believe this draft class has so many great players. The top talent includes Cunningham, Jalen Green, Evan Mobley, and Jalen Suggs. But, Weaver thinks differently than what most in league circles believe, “I don’t see any Shaq’s or LeBron’s, but I do see some high-level talent.”

Weaver is all about restoring

The Piston’s history is on hard work and a winning mentality. From the Bad Boys to the “Goin to Work Pistons.” All of the championship teams have a niche to them. The Bad Boys were all about being tough. And even the Bad Boys would try to scare their opponents. At the same time, the “Goin to Work Pistons” was all about teamwork and being unselfish. But all of these championships were similar to each other. Both teams were about everything is earned and not given. Weaver always empathizes how he’s restoring the franchise to those glory days.

Weaver made a statement saying, “We’re going to make the selection based on restoring the Pistons and having longevity here and making sure that the player is a player to go for, whether they’re contributing game one or may take them half the season or even the following season.”

Believe in Troy

As we near the draft in under 48 hours, Pistons fans should have complete faith in Troy Weaver. Weaver and the organization know all the moves will not make the Pistons title contenders right away. He has proven to make bold moves that have made the team better, from the 2020 draft to free agency. Weaver has transformed this roster from a mid-level team with no future like the past few years. To now a team with a promising future.

There has been so much buzz and excitement around the city of Detroit. Detroiters haven’t had this much hope in the Pistons in a long time! Now all the waiting and patience is finally paying off. As the Pistons are on the clock with the number one pick for Thursday’s draft. We all know that Troy Weaver will make the right decision to help the Pistons get back to competing for a championship, just like the good old days.

The NBA Draft is set for this Thursday in Brooklyn, New York starting at 8:30 p.m.

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By Published On: July 27th, 2021Categories: Detroit Sports, NBA

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