After Dak Prescott snapped his leg in half yesterday the rumors are already swirling about trading Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford to Dallas. The Cowboys seem like a logical destination for the Texas raised Stafford. But there are a few other names that come to mind as well.

During the Detroit Lions last game vs the Saints I received a text from a friend who LOVES Matt Stafford. His text read “I wont put it on FB but #9 looks bad this year.” I quickly replied, “This is how he always looks. Great in stretches but not great in crunch time” Me and this friend have had many years of Stafford debates. Now, even he sees it might be time to trade Stafford.

I do think Stafford was the correct pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. If you look back at the players taken after Stafford, none of them hop off the page as someone we “blew” this pick on. The other QB’s taken in the first round that year were “Butt Fumble” Sanchez and Josh Freeman Neither of which had decent careers.

So, I will concede he was the correct pick. However, its been 11 years in a Detroit Lions uniform. It’s time to get some value for the Best Lions QB ever. So who is looking and who would need Matt Stafford to get them over the hump?

The Dallas Cowboys

After Dak snapped his leg in half last night the Cowboys might need a new QB. I do like Andy Dalton and think he was a Matt Stfford-esque QB while in Cincinnati. I just think Jerry Jones loves the flash and he loves having new toys. That’s where Stafford comes in. He has the big arm, the name and the Texas ties.

The Cowboys will be a hot button for Stafford trade talks for a while. The question is what can they give back?

If we don’t sign Kenny Golladay to a long term deal we might lose him. Amari Cooper might be falling out of favor in Dallas with the emergence of Ceedee Lamb. I could see us getting Cooper and maybe a 2nd round pick off Dallas.

Is that enough to turn the franchise around? Probably not. But ifs fun to think about they many ways this an go.

The Denver Broncos

Yes, Denver does have a young Drew Lock. He is also an injured Drew Lock. John Elway is seemingly on a never ending quest to try to find his franchise QB. He hit gold once before on a veteran with Peyton Manning. Maybe he feels he can do it again with Matt Stafford.

Denver really doesn’t have much in terms of players I would want on the Lions. Jerry Judy is the only really future star I see. I doubt the Broncos will trade him. SO best case you are looking about trying to grab a 1st and a 3rd from them in hopes that Elway is feeling like swinging for the fences again.

New York Jets

The Jets are just awful. Sam Darnold is clearly not the QB of the future. Joe Falcco is not going to get it done. Tanking for Trevor Lawrence isn’t a guarantee. So why not call up the Jets and see what they would trade for, the youngest player ever to hit 40,000 passing yards, Matt Stafford!

Im sure we will be looking at more picks from the Jets. Once again, they do not really have anyone on the roster that can come to Detroit and make a huge impact.

Adam Gase needs to start winning and Stafford could get him a few more W’s!

Keep Him

The other option is the Detroit Lions keep Matthew Stafford. We go through yet another coaching change, another offensive scheme, and other rebuild with a guy that have been through 4 rebuilds. Whether you love Stafford or not, I think its time we all can see the writing on the wall. Like a bad marriage, we just don’t work well together anymore.

For all of those who make endless excuses about Stafford not winning, you will get your chance to see if he can really be better with other teams. For all of us who are ready to move on, we will see what its like without a franchise QB.

Its a sad divorce. One you think if both sides just gave more it could have worked out. But its time.

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  2. […] Matthew Stafford and Dak Prescott share a Texas bond and a QB bond. After least week’s devastating injury to Dak I’m sure every QB in the NFL took notice. […]

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