This morning was full of emotion to say the least. Joey, Stick, & Krissy go in on Stick’s middle school coach because of something he did last night, they run through Adham’s football power rankings, and Joey recaps his anniversary night with a huge plot twist. Watch it all go down here.

Stick’s middle school coach added him on Facebook, but there’s a problem

If you were a middle school coach and you cut one of your players twice, would you add them on Facebook years later? This actually happened to our homie Stick, his coach was an ass to him growing up and then tried to add him on Facebook last night. You KNOW that was a big deny.

Adham’s Power Rankings

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Buffalo Bills

The list goes on and the lion’s came in at 23 this week so to see the whole list just click here.

Joey’s anniversary didn’t go as planned

After yesterday’s beating from Stick & Krissy, Joey still didn’t bring home flowers to his girl and of course they went in on him again. Last night they were supposed to cook dinner, but Joey decided to go play basketball with his finance’s brother first. PLOT TWIST. Her brother ended up breaking his finger and Joey had to bring him to the hospital. There were STILL no flowers.

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