Jaden Ivey’s development as a rookie playmaker is critical to the Detroit Pistons future success. Fortunately, the season-long injury to Cade Cunningham leaves Ivey with unexpected court time to hone his skills.

Jaden Ivey

Jaden Ivey has incredible athleticism that allows him to excel as a scorer (and a defender, in spurts). Without a doubt, the ability to effectively distribute the ball to his teammates can take his game to the next level.

As a scorer, improved passing is vital for Jaden Ivey in that it allows him to better involve his teammates in the offense. By being able to make crisp, accurate passes, Ivey can use his athleticism to set up his teammates for open shots and scoring opportunities. This not only keeps the defense guessing and can lead to easy baskets, but it keeps his teammates engaged on the floor.

Another reason why Jaden Ivey should focus on improving his passing is that it can make him more versatile. This is a scary thought to opposing backcourts. If an athletic guard is only able to score, they become easier for the defense to game plan against. However, if they are also able to make passes and set up their teammates, it becomes much more difficult to focus solely on stopping them.

Lastly, improving his skills as a rookie playmaker can help Jaden Ivey become a better leader on the court. By being able to effectively direct the offense and involve his teammates, he can take on a leadership role and help guide his team to success.

Overall, while Jaden Ivey’s scoring and defense may be his primary strengths, improving his passing ability can take his game to the next level and make him a more valuable asset to his team.

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By Published On: December 18th, 2022Categories: Detroit Pistons, NBA

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