Actor Chadwick Boseman’s family released a statement yesterday stating that he has passed away due to cancer.

I woke up to the news today about Actor Chadwick Boseman. I will remember him for his contributions to the sporting world with great performances as Jackie Robinson in 42 and Vonte Mack Draft Day.


Playing Jackie Robinson is an honor in itself. Jackie is a legend that the game will never forget. Chadwick played the role of the humble yet fiery baseball player well. I think it’s important to point out that, yesterday was #JackieRobinsonDay. All over twitter people were sharing stories and discussing what Jackie meant to baseball and life.

Chadwick on Jackie Robinson:

“Some people would view Jackie Robinson as a very safe African-American, a docile figure who had a tendency to try to get along with everyone, and when you look at his history, you learn that he has this fire that allows him to take this punishment but also figure out savvy ways of giving it back.”

It might be a good idea for all of America to watch that movie today.

Draft Day

Draft Day does not carry the historical significance that 42 does. In fact, a lot of people argue this is a bad movie. I enjoyed it. I thought it was a fun movie, unrealistic, but fun.

Chadwick Boseman plays “Vonte Mack”, a young linebacker who is thought to be slipping in the draft. The Browns owner (Played by Kevin Costner) has a decision to make. Go with his gut wit Mack or pay a steep price for a Ryan Leaf type QB.

Draft Day might be a little far fetched, but its Hollywood. And if you’re like me and will consume most things football. Its really not a bad movie. Chadwick’s character is definitely my favorite.

RIP Chadwick aka Black Panther. (I would be foolish to not mention the movie that he is most well known for.)

Josh Baker from WoodwardSports “Quick Hits” shares his thoughts.

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By Published On: August 29th, 2020Categories: Featured News

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