As we all awaited the aftermath from the Royal Rumble, Raw was live last night from BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Will Sami Zayn and K.O. respond to The Bloodline? Could Edge and Beth Phoenix look to get more revenge on the Judgment Day? With only three weeks until the Elimination Chamber could this be a building block for the PPV? Let’s dive into some action from the night.

The Opening

Still fired up from his Royal Rumble win, Cody Rhodes opened the show. Soaking in the adulation of the crowd as he stood in the ring, he began talking about his days in Ohio Valley Wrestling, dreaming that one day he would be a WWE Champion. Possibly even the next John Cena.

Rhodes then reflected on the highs and lows in his career and wondered if he would tell his younger self what he knows today. Short answer: no. Every piece of the broken road he’s had to bear was 100% worth it. To stand at the top of the mountain he has to go through the royal family known as The Bloodline. He spoke with sincerity, saying the next 62 days are the rest of his life, and that Roman Reigns will lose his title.

Then Judgment Day entered with Finn Balor asking if Rhodes has come back to do something original, or just copy all of his old stuff like before. Dominik Mysterio told Rhodes he ruined the Judgment Days plans at the rumble and that he owes him for it. Dom insulted the Rhodes family, and soon Cody issued a challenge to any member of the Judgment Day.

We got confirmation of Cody vs. Finn for the night, and then on stage Edge made his entrance and attacked Finn Balor. A brawl started as Cody joined to help Edge, then the show cut to a commercial break.

Other Matches of the Night

  • Seth Rollins defeats Chad Gable by pinfall with a Pedigree (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)
  • Iyo Sky defeats Candice LeRae with a Sunset Flip
  • Johnny Gargano defeats Baron Corbin by pinfall with a Small Package (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)
  • Rick Boogs defeats the Miz by pinfall with a military press Worlds Strongest Slam
  • Bronson Reed Defeats Dolph Zigger by pinfall with a 747 Splash (Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match)

Rhea Ripley’s Announcement

Coming back from a commercial break we got a recap vignette of the Women’s Royal Rumble. Rhea Ripley made her way to the ring solo, wanting all the attention for the night. She stood in the ring reflecting on how three years ago her career was just getting started, as she was an NXT Women Champion. Rhea then challenged Charlotte Flair, advising her to enjoy everyone bowing down to the queen, because soon they will all rise to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania.

Bayley’s Gloat Session Turned Challenge

Then Bayley made her entrance claiming Damage Control is what everyone is talking about. She said they were so dominant at the Rumble, but Becky Lynch soon made an appearance on stage to interrupt Bayley. Becky called Bayley a fool and told her she already won the Rumble once. She just needed to make sure Damage Control didn’t win this time. Becky issued a challenge again, but Bayley declined her offer.

Lynch returned to the backstage area to drag out Dakota Kai by her hair. Dakota’s leg was trapped in a steel chair. Becky asked Bayley again for a match next week, with the chair in hand raised about to strike Kai. Bayley screamed that she accepts, and Becky can have her match. Lynch told Bayley to bring her friends next week, but she might want to check on Iyo in the back, before walking off as we go to commercial.

Main Event

Cody Rhodes’ first match on Raw in some time did not disappoint. Rhodes was impressive from the start, making Balor retreat to the outside to join his Judgment Day pals. The match had some back and forth, with both men trading blows. Cody also tryed to fend off interference moments from Judgment Day members. Then Finn gained control of the match. Outside of the ring Damian Priest noticed Edge making his way through the crowd.

Priest jumped the barricade to stop Edge in the crowd, but that didn’t end well for him. Edge took him out and then set his sites on Dominik Mysterio. They battled around the ring before Edge hit him with a spear. Rhea jumped in to attack Edge, but not for long, as Beth Phoenix was there to greet Ripley with a spear of her own. Back in the ring Balor climbed to the top rope to hit his finisher. Edge popped up on the apron to distract him. That gave Cody just enough time to roll out of the way to counter and hit the Cross Rhodes on Balor for the win.

Dominik checked on Ripley as Edge and Beth headed off the stage, and that’s your Raw after Rumble show.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: January 31st, 2023Categories: WWE

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