In today’s installment of looking at every leaked NBA Earned jersey, I take a look at 4 more teams: the Pacers, Blazers, Magic, and Nuggets. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, make sure to check those out. Now, onto our first jersey courtesy of UniSwag.

First, the Indiana Pacers Jersey

This Pacers uniform is beautiful. The pinstriping has been revived from Indiana’s Ron Artest and Reggie Miller days. The thin lines and the angles are a very clean tribute to the iconic Indy 500. The blue lettering with white accents makes for a perfect contrast to the yellow. These are probably the best uniform out of all the Earned jerseys. 

Second, Dame DOLLA and the Blazers Uniforms…

Portland’s uni is another take on the gray jerseys we’ve seen from the LA teams. They rank between the Clippers and Lakers on this concept. But, that doesn’t make these jerseys perfect. Some incorporation of the team’s red should be in there. What the Lakers did would look great on Portland’s uniforms. I don’t know if the gray is really a gray-red or if my brain is struggling to see it as gray. The Blazers should continue to experiment with gray, but not like this. 

Third, Orlando’s Magic Jersey

I love uniforms that build in old designs with modern touches. The side of the Magic jerseys is taken from the TMac-era uniforms. While I disagree with how the Magic’s logo and font has gone since their inception, I love these jerseys. How the blue borders the white jersey fits so well. I do believe the silver should be more of a glittery, light shade – because, well, they’re the Magic. Overall a fantastic design with an awesome pattern from the glory days. 

Last, Denver’s Earned Jersey

From the waistband-up, this Nuggets jersey is beautiful. The blue-red fade on Denver’s secondary logo looks awesome and reminds me of sunrises over the mountains in Colorado. The waistband is very simple but matches incredibly well. The only issue I have is with the numbering. While I understand incorporating some of the team’s other colors, I believe that blue and red lettering with the same gradient would have looked perfect. An underrated part of the uniform is the shoes, which just look so clean.

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By Published On: March 2nd, 2021Categories: NBA

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