NHL Playoff season is here, and you know what that means- the wives and girlfriends of the participating teams will be decked out in their playoff jackets. Let’s start by saying that these women all look like absolute dimes, tenners, even smoke shows if you will. 

Here are my favorite looks ranked from what I have seen thus far.

#8 Carolina Hurricanes

In last place, we have the Hurricanes. There’s nothing wrong with these jackets, they just don’t have a “wow” factor to them. They’re simple, classy, and are tailored nicely.

#7 Colorado Avalanche

Next, we have the Avalanche. Not only are these jackets ranked low because, ya know, they’re the Avalanche, but because like the Canes, they’re pretty boring. In my opinion, they beat out the Canes just a hair because of the addition of the Fleur-de-Lis at the bottom, a cute homage to the Avalanche’s retro jerseys. However, I would argue that the tailoring of the Canes jackets is better.

#6 Washington Capitals

Next, we have the Washington Capitals. These jackets are adorable, I like how they went with a simple black and white on top of the off-white jacket. I have a feeling they knew the red, white, and blue color palette was going to be overdone (see jackets above). Bonus points for the cool sleeve. 

#5 Minnesota Wild

Now we have the Minnesota Wild. I adore how these jackets replicate the team’s jersey, but I much prefer the tailored jacket look versus the varsity jacket-made-out-of-weird-material vibe. 

#4 St. Louis Blues

Next up, the St. Louis Blues. These are cute, but what throws me off is that I can’t determine what fabric the jackets are. However, I think the large logo and the color palette are adorable, and the touch of the guys’ signatures makes them extra special. 

#3 Boston Bruins

Now, these aren’t jackets- which makes me almost appreciate them more. These knit and bedazzled mock-necks are exactly the type of innovative ideas I want to see from these ladies. These are simple, yet effective, and allow everyone to really show off their personal style with how they decide to wear them. These were custom-made by Spahkld. Great job, Bruins WAGs!

#2 Las Vegas Golden Knights

My runner-up goes to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Just like the IG story says, these jackets are FIRE. These faux leather jackets are giving me all of the color and creativity I could have ever asked for. These jackets were handpainted by @iart_vegas on Instagram.

#1 Florida Panthers

My NHL Playoff jacket winner goes to the Florida Panthers! First off, denim is my favorite material of all time. Let’s face it, it looks great on everyone. The white denim shows off the girls amazing Florida tans and the pops of color on the jacket make it stand out. There is something very “Miami Vice” about this jacket and I am LIVING for it.

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