Michigan Football home games are in a class of its own. 

Think about all of the memorable Saturday afternoons watching the game(s) with your family and friends. Everyone is gathered near a tv, witnessing 100,000+ fans cheering the Wolverines coming onto the field. It could be Illinois, Michigan State, or even those dreadful villains from Columbus. Getting yourself hype to watch Michigan Football isn’t a daunting task. 

In fact, it’s especially if you’re a fan who is in Ann Arbor for the game. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re tailgating in Pioneer High School’s parking lot or entering those big blue gates to attend games at “The Big House.” Michigan Football home games are an indescribable experience. Next weekend––on Halloween of all days––the Wolverines will play their first game of the season at Michigan Stadium against in-state rival Michigan State.

Pandemic Blues

Unfortunately, the experience mentioned above will not take place due to attendance regulations stemming from the coronavirus. And it sucks because it’s not the authentic experience. 

Currently, Michigan is not allowing fans to attend home games. The university recently placed its students on a “stay at home” order as COVID-19 cases rise in Michigan. All sports fan have to be understanding in times like this. My question is how in the world does one get excited about college football? Better yet, how does one get excited about Michigan Football?

College football is the one sports that truly thrives off live fan energy.

Michigan vs. Michigan St. in Ann Arbor without fan participation will go down as the biggest travesty in Michigan sports history. 

It’s damn near criminal. 

Anytime the Wolverines and Spartans face-off against each other, it’s usually prefaced by weeks of build-up coverage. Not to forget, we are in the era of social media. The subliminal tweets by players from both teams would have been in full vitriol by now.

Make Michigan Football Great Again.

The 113th showdown between the Wolverines-Spartans doesn’t have the same aura as past matchups. Quite frankly, it feels like a glorified Fall scrimmage is on the horizon. Even getting excited about typing this was a difficult thing to do. 

Think about this.

The is the first installment of a potential Jim Harbaugh-Mel Tucker rivalry. And it is in Ann Arbor without a raucous Wolverine crowd. There won’t be a reckless Michigan student section calling the Spartans every imaginable (and unimaginable) name in the book. Hell for Michigan quarterback Joe Milton, it’s a moment most can surmise he’s anticipated.

Who wants to see that? I’ll tell you who. 

No one.

In the end, it’s doing down one week from tomorrow, regardless of anyone’s feelings. Many of us hope fans will be allowed to pack out stadiums soon. However, let’s come into agreement on one thing. Let’s all hope this will be the first (and final) Wolverines-Spartans matchup with no fans.

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