The NBA-Nike deal brought about the NBA’s Earned Jerseys. Each team that made the playoffs in the Eastern and Western Conference gets a special-edition jersey. These threads commemorate the accomplishments (or lack thereof *cough* Clippers *cough*). This year’s jerseys have been leaked courtesy of UniSwag. Let’s begin by taking a look at four of these uniforms from the Eastern Conference…

First, the Brooklyn Nets Jersey

I like the fact that the Nets are paying homage to NYC’s iconic subway line. However, it feels a little too simple. I think the Nets should have added more colors as a tribute to all the routes – like we saw in the 2015 All-Star logo. A small silhouette of the skyline on the right leg could add a little more spice.  Overall, it is a nice jersey. However, Brooklyn has much more they could work this to make them even better. 

Second, the Miami Heat…

These are…. different. I liked Miami’s direction with the Miami Nights jersey in prior seasons. They tried to do just a little too much with the blended jerseys this year. My initial thought was “DeWalt drill”. Now, I can’t wait to see what these look like on the court. Yellow has been a much-neglected part of Miami’s color scheme and it is finally getting its own jersey. The team may have incorporated a more unique lettering. The jersey is not perfect. But, Miami has some of the cleanest unis in the league – they get a pass.

Third, the Toronto Raptors…

This Raptors jersey lacks anything unique. It would be amazing to see the Raps unis with more purple. However, I feel like they’ve become stuck in the trap of this triangle-shaped lettering for awhile. They need to do something different that’s not just their (iconic and beautiful) throwbacks. Once again, I will journey back to the All-Star game in 2016. Toronto’s logo and branding for that game were beautiful. Why not try to highlight Toronto’s iconic CN Tower? This is the Earned jersey – the Raps made it to the playoffs. They deserve better. 

Fourth, the Milwaukee Bucks Jersey

The antlers running all the way up the jersey bring back memories of the insane 90s Bucks jerseys. The cream and green is complemented well by the black accents. Hopefully, this is the first step in the team expanding more on this concept. Overall, the uniform is done incredibly well.

This does it for Part 1 of the NBA’s Earned leaks reviewed. Come back Monday for Part 2!

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