As the NBA Bubble season continues, rumors have been swirling about a Lonzo Ball trade.

The Detroit Pistons name keeps getting brought up when talking about the next landing spot for Lonzo Ball. In a recent tweet by Jason McIntyre points to the Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons as his top 2 places for Lonzo to wind up.

Do the Pistons need Ball?

My first instinct is to say “Hello no!”. I know the Pistons have been searching for a reliable pg since Joe Dumars traded Chauncey for A.I. (A trade we can get into later). I have really just lost track of Lonzo Ball since his freak-show of a father went crazy on TV a few years ago. I know that is not the way it should be, and I should judge him solely on his talent, but it is what it is. Ball comes with the family baggage. Sure it would be great for Woodward Sports. We would have great content with his Dad and the rest of the family. On the court will be an issue.

During the “regular” regular season Lonzo Ball looked like he was starting to find his own in the NBA. He now has a great running mate in Zion. He was put in a solid position to succeed. His shooting % never really got above 40%, which is “meh”. He did show flashes with passing and defense. But then came the bubble. In 7 games he only shot 30% from the field and 55% from the line. A far cry from what Chauncey used to do in a Piston uniform.

Pass the Ball.

I just cant see him as the guy that gets us back to being a contender, at all. With all the hype that surrounded Lonzo when he was drafted there just isn’t anything I really want/need form this guy as a Piston. If we are looking for the next great PG lets try the draft. Tyrese Haliburton would be a solid pick if we can land him!

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By Published On: August 15th, 2020Categories: Detroit Sports, NBA

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