This morning, Joey, Stick & Krissy go over Thursday Night Football, Krissy’s dog tore up the most expensive thing in her house, and the dumbass of the day goes to the ignorant mall Santa. If you missed it this morning you can watch the entire show right here!

Thursday Night Football

New England Patriots (6-6) are traveling west to take on The Rams in Los Angeles (8-4) to start up Week 14. The Rams are currently sitting atop the NFC West, while The Pats will need to string wins together for the rest of the season to reach the postseason which is the first season without Tom Brady.

Krissy’s Dog Tore Up Something Big

Get a puppy they said. Golden-doodle puppies are cute they said. Krissy just found out she can’t leave her house for more than 7 hours or her 8 month old puppy will tear up her living room couch. This story sounds fake, but the feeling she felt when she got home to torn up couch cushions made her realize it was very real. This dog not only ripped the pillows right off the back of the couch, but he tore up the arms and all the fabric that makes up the couch while he was on his path of destruction. You always see this stuff in movies, but you never think it will happen to you until it does.

If you’re thinking about getting a puppy, please look at this picture and prepare yourself.

Dumbass Of The Day

If you’re signing up to be a mall Santa, you better understand your role in these children’s lives. This morning, Joey found a video of a mall Santa telling a 4 year-old child he cannot have a Nerf gun for Christmas when he asked him for it. The kid ended up crying immediately and running away. In no way, shape, or form is this okay on any account. This stranger just ruined the magic of Santa Clause for this kid forever. Not only are you a dumbass, but you’re an ignorant, awful human being and we hate you. We’re sending this kid a whole truck full of Nerf guns now so eat that “Santa”.

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