The familiar call for a new GM and Head Coach can be heard around Detroit once again. If you didn’t hear it this summer, you certainly will after the manhandling they received in Green Bay this weekend. The question remains though, should Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, aka QuinnTricia be shown the door this season? And if so, do you pull the trigger right away, or at the end of the season?

So let’s take a look at the numbers…

Bob Quinn was 18-12 his first two seasons with a playoff appearance.

Since he fired Jim Caldwell and brought in Matt Patricia, the team has gone 9-24-1.
During those 34 games of QuinnTricia, the Lions have had the lead in the 4th quarter and managed to lose in 11 of those contests…nearly a third of their games.

Things certainly would be different if the coaching staff had been able to hold on to those leads. It’s a pure indictment of their inability to adjust in game, as well as their consistent deployment of stale play calling. Patricia has shown nothing to indicate he is an NFL level head coach.

Quinn hasn’t helped matters when it comes to drafting. He has also followed the Belichick/Patriots blueprint when it comes to trades and free agency, with the opposite results. His trades of proven players like Golden Tate and Quandre Diggs have blown up in his face, while his veteran signing have ended up looking like expensive, regrettable contracts.

So when will the Lions pull the trigger, if at all?

History tells us the Ford family will allow a regime to stick around longer than they should. So my question for you, when SHOULD they pull the trigger?

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By Published On: September 20th, 2020Categories: Detroit Sports, NFL

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