An 11 game losing streak came to an end on Sunday. The Detroit Lions were able to pull the road upset over the Arizona Cardinals, 26-23.

The Detroit Lions and Matt Patricia will not go 0-16 this year! With their win over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, Detroit salvaged their season.

Detroit could not fall to 0-3. That would have been a death sentence for the rest of their season. With their 26-23 win, the Lions now sit a 1-2 with a weak New Orleans Saints team up next. If the Lions can get to 2-2 it would be a fresh start to the season and still keep their playoff hopes alive.

Here is how fans reacted after the BIG win over the Cardinals:
After 2 weeks of post game sadness, I was finally able to go nuts for a WIN!
Fans celebrated 1-2!

Detroit Lions fans on Twitter

Needless to say, it was a nice win on a Sunday afternoon. I’m sure all Detroit Lions fans felt some sort of relief. But it also leaves us with a lot of questions. Is Patrica still on the hot seat? If they lose the next game does it matter? Can the Lions put together a string of wins?

Matt Patricia

As far as Patricia, I’m on the fence. I really think he is a good between game coach. I just don’t think he’s great at in-game adjustments. Even though, this week Matt Patricia showed he can change his ways. The Lions went to a zone defense several times vs the Cardinals. That move created at least 2 of the 3 interceptions by Kyler Murray.

If Patrica can keep the offense guessing with his schemes, bring more pressure and tighten up his 4th Qtr the Detroit Lions can be a solid team.

Must win for the Lions?

All of this will mean nothing if the Lions do not win against the Saints. Detroit needs to get back to .500 and start building from there. 1-3 would mean we are on the way out of the playoffs. We can not afford to go down that road. I think we all know where it leads.

Next week is crucial to the rest of the 2020 Detroit Lions football season. We should be treating it like a playoff game. I expect the Lions to come out with intensity.

Upcoming Schedule

Detroit has the struggling Saints next week then their “Bye” week. Then Jacksonville, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Minnesota, and Washington.

5 out of the next 6 are winnable games. Indy is a monster this year so I’m going to assume that’s a Loss. If the Lions are about to get those 5 wins that puts us at 6-3. From there anything is possible.

What’s most important is this next game. But the Lions schedule does look promising moving forward. After this week my Kool-Aid cup is full again and I believe!


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