Today is a great day. Drake has dropped his first project since Dark Lane Demo Tapes. While he did dabble with some features (see the phenomenal BB King Freestyle), it is always good to see Drizzy with some music of his own. The three-track features one solo single and two featured songs with some of the best rappers in the game. This release no doubt has every fan hyped for the full roll-out of the album this year.

What’s Next – Drake

In “What’s Next”, Drake looks back at what he accomplished in his career and how he is viewed now. He has tried to stay true to himself despite his massive success. He has given everything to music. But, people still tell him he’s changed, rapping,

“You give them your soul but people still tell ya you sold your soul,”

In this song, what stuck out to me was the first thirty seconds. Champagne Papi has a signature flow. He starts off his song about to reach the peak of the beat drop, but draws back three times. I paused each and every time in my chair expecting this.

While it’s a minor detail, it drew me into the song. The beat is a exactly what we expected from Drake. Overall it’s a good song, but I would say it is the third-place song on the EP.

Wants and Needs (feat Lil Baby)

Lil Baby is the modern version of Lil Wayne on Drake’s music. His fast, higher pitched flow complements Drizzy’s rapping perfectly. The track is all about what’s important. Whether it’s things they need like family or things they want such as an extravagant lifestyle. ‘

Baby gives a nod to drake’s hit track The Motto in this verse: “I’m screamin’ out “YOLO,” yeah, that’s still the motto,” While YOLO might be out-of-date, this tandem is not. Wants and Needs is definitely the best track on this drop and we need much more Baby and Drake in the future (definitely with Future, too).

The song is the most high-tempo on the release with a beat perfect for Lil Ba

Lemon Pepper Freestyle (Feat Rick Ross)

The track – named after Ross’s affinity for lemon pepper wings and his many WingStop franchises – could fry wings on its own it’s so hot. Ross’s signature deep and blunt flow is heard right after the high-tempo Wants and Needs. The transition is seamless. Drake and Ross spend the track discussing their insanely-rich lifestyles. Drake gives a nod to his son Adonis. This would not be a sports media company if I did not mention the football reference in the song:

“Patty Mahomes, ’bout to fall short a couple hunnid,”

In this verse, Drake is obviously eluding to how Patrick Mahomes makes less than him despite having a record-setting contract. Second, it also works as a nod to the Super Bowl loss Mahomes endured. The Chiefs could have used a couple hundred more yards and Mahomes lost out on a lot of money losing the game.

Oddly enough, the song only features one long verse from Ross and one long verse from Drake. I would have loved to hear Ross in between Drizzy’s verse. Frankly, this not happening left me a little uncomfortable. Overall, this is a slower song that I could see myself driving to late at night. It is the second-best on the release.

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