NFTS are becoming the hottest things in sports memorabilia. And now, the Detroit Pistons are all in on it as well. Today, The Detroit Pistons released the franchise’s first collection of NFTs.

The Pistons partner up with I Got IT. I Got IT is a technology company specializing in in-game memorial, uniques experiences, and digital collectibles for sports fans. Also, I Got It has partnered with a few professional sport teams. These teams include the New Orleans Saints and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Vice President of Marketing Operations for the Pistons Mike Donnay said, “This collection of NFTs pays homage to the rich history of our organization in a unique and innovative way.”

Where can fans purchase these NFTS?

There are 890 total NFT’s that Pistons fans can purchase. The NFTS that fans can purchase include championship rings, championship banners, commemorative tickets, and special edition series. Another way to purchase NFTs is through buying Collector Boxes. When an owner purchases a collector box it includes 3 NFTS. The price for a Collector Box is $300 dollars.

Any owner of these digital items are eligible to receive in-person benefits related to the item purchase. These benefits include a physical replica of the rings, meet and greet with Piston players, and other VIP opportunities.

Fans will be able to start purchasing the collection via auction on Monday, July 26th, at 10 am. The Collector boxes are available on July 27th.

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