Who should the Detroit Pistons draft at #7?

Another year, another disappointing NBA Draft Lottery result. The Pistons had a 10.5% chance of landing the #1 spot but dropped to #7 last night. Similar to the Detroit Red Wings missing out on better draft picks this could be costly down the road. There is nothing we can do now to change those lotteries. All we can do is hope Pistons GM Troy Weaver will draft the right guy!

I am excited to see what Troy Weaver can do with this pick. He is one of the best talent scouts in the league, and he has some tools to work with. An example, a trade packaging Blake Griffin with the #7 to move up or maybe try to peel away an elite player. If he decides not to move those pieces here is who I think he should draft.

Top 3 Targets for the Detroit Pistons

There are many ways this draft can fall. Its hard to predict the #7 spot and who will be there. However, these are the guys that I like the best for The Pistons.

Tyrese Haliburton G, Iowa State

Haliburton is a 6’5″ Sophomore from Iowa State. This is the guy I would have taken at #5, so if hes available at #7 I think we will get a steal. He is tall and athletic. His defense will have to evolve. But, so does everyone coming out of college. His odd jump shot is something that might cost him in the NBA. He is a consistent shooter, even though he has an odd jump shot. He is also very steady with the ball, limitng his turnovers for Iowa State.

I was talking to Anson Wells last night after the Lottery and we both agreed if we could get a Tayshaun Prince type contributor that would be a strong draft for the Detroit Pistons and Troy Weaver. That’s the type of guy I see with Haliburton a plug and play guy that will have the consistency to be a starter in the NBA for years to come.


Isaac Okoro SF, Auburn

After that Casey Mize start and Bo Jackson tweeting him, I’m all in for anything Auburn! Just kidding. Although, Bo Jackson is my favorite athlete of all time. That’s another blog at another time.

Okoro is a high risk, high reward type player in the 2020 NBA Draft. He shows all the athleticism that you want to see out of a guy at #7. Hes strong and getting better on defense. Troy Weaver could hit a home run if Okoro can reach his full potential.

On the other hand, if he keeps up his poor shooting he may be just another defensive specialist. Okoro shot 29% for 3 and 67% from the line. Those numbers will have to improve drastically if he is going to be an NBA starter. He has all the potential to be an All-Star for the Detroit Pistons.


Devin Vassell SF, Florida State

Vassell is a 6′” Sophomore from FSU. Another one of the safer picks that Troy Weaver can make. Vassell will have solid value as a wing player in the NBA. He has a hard time creating his own offense but can be an efficient scorer. He is a defensive stopper already and could be a plug and play guy. I like his as a very safe fall back pick if the bigger names are off the board.



Troy Weaver gets his first pick in the NBA Draft as Pistons GM and we are going to see what type of GM his is immediately. Will he trade? Will he draft for potential? Or will he draft the safe pick? No matter who it is or what her does, this draft should give us an indication of where he sees the Detroit Pistons being in 2021 and beyond.



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