My favorite part about poking my head into the Woodward Sports complex is strolling to the back offices to talk to the young upcoming broadcasters, many of whom are huge Detroit Pistons fans.

There is Detroit Kool Aid, Jazzy Jeff, Eazy and Sean Half Court. We often talk. I pass along old man advice. We laugh. And they tell me how great Cade Cunningham is.

It’s all good.

I appreciate that none of them have called me an old fart to my face. Along with that, I love that they appear interested when I tell them Pistons stories as far back as the Dave Bing era. I love those guys.

There is only one four letter word that draws us apart.


The young guys love that the Pistons are bringing back the Pistons-powered teal jerseys.

I hate those ugly uniforms and never want to see them again.

On Monday night, the Pistons had a teal launch party with Jerry Stackhouse holding up a jersey. The good news is we don’t have to see the Pistons slog through an entire season in this God-awful get-up. They will wear them for 10 select games and hopefully this is the end of teal.

“Happy to bring the teal back,” Stackhouse said. “It’s an exciting era for me and I think it was for the fans. I think they wanted it back, and now it’s here.”

The Pistons released photos of Jaden Ivey wearing the jersey. It makes him look less than a man.

Sean Half Court suggested that the Pistons not only wear teal, but that they should dress up the court at Little Caesars Arena in teal. I guess I am going to skip an entire season of Pistons action if they do that.

“But uncle T,” the men tell me. “This jersey is not for you.”

That is correct. The Pistons are actually doing a smart thing in bringing back the teal. The little hip hop babies will pull out their credit cards and push their credit limits to secure the first Cade Cunningham teal jersey.

I do not stand in the way of progress. I will defend your right to buy the jersey. And I will defend your right to look like a cartoon character while hitting the black top to hoop. I will defend your right to look like a WNBA wanna be. That’s your right.

It’s just not for me.

I’ve already heard from someone from the Detroit Pistons who wants to send me a box of teal Pistons gear. I do not view that as an offer. Actually, I view that as a threat.

Actually, I hope the Pistons do send me that box. I will immediately pass the gear around to my sons at Woodward Sports. I hope they like their Cory Joseph teal jersey.

However, I’d rather have Al Avila as Tigers GM than walk around town wearing this garbage jersey.

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By Published On: July 26th, 2022Categories: NBA

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