Misleading Scoreline

The Detroit Lions have managed once again to do things that most teams aren’t capable of doing. Like becoming the first NFL team to lose their sixth straight football game after leading by double-digits.

The truth is, the Detroit Lions were never in this football game. The Saints gifted Detroit their first 14 points of the game, and it was a mismatch after that. Even with a start you couldn’t script, you knew the collapse was coming. The 35-29 scoreline is very flattering. Giving up five-straight Touchdowns to the Saints who are missing Michael Thomas is something only the Lions could do.

Matt Patricia is a Fraud

I’m not sure why the organization isn’t having serious talks about this fraud of a coach. Matt Patricia is in way over his head. Imagine only winning 29% of your games as Head Coach, and still deflecting blame.


I just can’t understand Patricia, but it explains all of these collapses. He’s a coach who displays zero accountability on and off the football field. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on Matt Patricia, check out our Facebook Live Video from earlier today.

Mental Strength was the X-Factor

The New Orleans Saints flexed their experience and mental toughness on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. After gifting Detroit a 14-0 lead in the opening minutes of the game, the Saints answered by scoring 5 straight Touchdowns.

What stood out more than just their reaction to going down 14, was the calmness of it. There was no panic on the sideline or in the play-calling from Sean Payton. The opposite was true for the Detroit Lions. It wasn’t so much panic, as it was the inevitability of collapsing. Even up 14-0, we knew what was going to happen. Sunday showed a clear gap in mental strength between two teams that needed to win to have any chance of making the playoffs.

A mentally weak coach projects that mental weakness onto his 53-man roster, and it shows week in and week out.

Bob Quinn, if you have any intention of keeping your job. Get rid of Matt Patricia. He’s a fraud of a coach, and even more of a fraud off the field.

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By Published On: October 5th, 2020Categories: Detroit Sports, NFL

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