The Detroit Lions 2020 NFL Season is 1/4th of the way over. At each Qtr we will give the team a report card. After dropping yesterday’s game, in perfect Patricia fashion, I have a feeling our grades are not up to par.

The Offense

Coming into the season the Lions offense looked to be our strong suit. We had Matt Stafford coming back from injury. In his absence in 2019 the Detroit Lions went winless. So you would have assumed some sort of up tick. That really hasn’t happened at all.

Lets take a look at the stats. The Lions are averaging 334 total yards a game through 4 games. That puts them right around 25th in the league. Their passing game is treading above water with 232 of those yards. Putting the Detroit Lions passing game at 22nd in the league. Believe it or not, the Lions are averaging over 100 yards a game on the ground! Its not one guy doing it, but still that’s a good sign for Detroit. Its just too bad even at 101 yards per game that still ranks us 26th.

We have had some bright spots. Mostly coming from rookies.

Qunitez Cephus showed he can be dependable when called upon. He had 10 targets in his first game and was productive in the 2nd.

DeAndre Swift is going to be a good back in the NFL. Aside from his drop in game 1, I like what I’ve seen. The Lions should have kept using him out of the backfield against the Saints, but we didn’t and that’s on coaching.

Kenny Galloday’s return was noticed almost instanlty. He is cleary Stafford “Go To” guy. One bright spot in Quinn’s Draft cap.

TJ Hockenson has been what we thought he would be. He is a solid top 10 TE and he really hasn’t had a breakout game. Its been nice to see him live up to the hype a little this year.

26th is way too low for the talent they have on that side of the ball. Stafford needs to be better in clutch situations. Our coaching needs to stop going away from something when its working.

Overall The Detroit Lions Offense gets a D

The Defense

We don’t cover very well. The Lions don’t pressure the QB very well. We don’t get turnovers very well. We get out schemed every game. So you can say things are going well (sarcasm). But again lets look at the numbers.

The Detroit Lions rank 26th in points allowed. 28th in Passing yards and to round it out 30th in run defense. That is a recipe for disaster! And that is exactly what it has been. I wish I could get into some highlights but there hasn’t been any.

Overall The Detroit Lions Defense gets a F

Special Teams

It sucks that Special Teams will be the lone bright spot of the Detroit Lions. Its not like they have been spectacular. But, they haven lost any games for us either.

Our Punter’s 53.1 yards per punt puts him first in the league. His 51.1 net yards per punt is is five yards better than the next closest punter in the NFL.

Lions Punter Jack Fox gets the lone A on the Lions Roster.

Matt Prater has been good, not great. He was NFC Special Teams player of the week last week going 4-4 with a game winner. But, for the season he’s 7-9 and didn’t even attempt a FG last week. He’s solid but not great. Ill give Prater a B+.

So we have that going for us, which is nice.

Overall The Detroit Lions Special Teams gets a B+


Oh where to begin. If we are talking between game coaching I give Patricia a B! Yes, a B. The Lions do well the first quarter and first half normally. Its the in game adjustments where we get absolutely smoked.

Add Matt Patricia’s, “I’m smarter than you because Malcom Butler made a play” to the list of shortcomings. He refuses to change and evolve in the NFL. That is a problem. That is also what leads to his in game decisions.

Mike Tyson once famously said “Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.” Matt Patricia doesn’t know what do do when he is punched in the mouth. He just keeps putting his stupid face in the way of punches.

Overall The Detroit Lions Coaching gets a D-


Adding up all the grades we come out with a D- grade for the first quarter of the 2020 NFL Season. If it weren’t for Special Teams, we would just be a flat out F. So far, that is what we have been FAILING!

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