The Detroit Lions just finished the first half of the 2020 NFL Season. After a rough first quarter of the season, they backed it up with a 2-2 in the next four games.

Well here we are again, another teacher/student meeting. And it looks like the student is failing. After a failing the first 1/4 of the NFL season with a hard “F” this report card is looking kind of similar. Lets take a look at the Detroit Lions Mid-Season Report Card.

The Offense

In their previous report card the Lions offense had a “D”. Although, these past 4 games the Lions have improved on offense slightly.

They are now ranking #20 in Yards Per Game. The majority of that is being the #15 ranking Yards Per Game Passing offense int he NFL. Surprisingly one spot above Tom Brady’s Bucs team.

Where we lose some ground is our running game. The Detroit Lions are ranked 24th in the NFL in rushing. Coming in at just 101.1 yard a game. This number has stayed the same from the first report card. At some point you would hope to see this around 130 a game. I think adding more work load to Swift in the 2nd half of the season is the key to make that happen.

The Detroit Lions are 19th in Points Per Game. Leaving the once again in the lower half of the league.

These last four games we have seen some bright spots. When Kenny Golladay is healthy and Stafford is in sync, those two are a dangerous combination. TJ Hockenson is proving to be worthy of his high draft pick. But, all of that just cant ever seem to come together at once. With Matthew Stafford now under Concussion Protocol, its tough to tell where the Lions Offense future lies.

Overall, The Detroit Lions Offense gets a D+/C-

The Defense

Last report card was awful earning the Lions an “F” for their first 4 games. Lets see how they have improved.

The Lions are 24th in Total Yards Per Game. Pinning us between The Las Vegas Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals. Obviously that is not very good.

We are 18th in Passing Yards a game. Which really isn’t awful. With Jeff Okudah being a young CB and slowly coming on. Plus, Trufant being healthy. I think there will be some growth in this area. This is one spot on the defense where Lions fans can at least point to the future.

Our run defense is an absolute joke. We are 30th in stopping the run. Only ahead of the Dallas Cowboy’s and the Houston Texans. Dalvin Cook had his way with us last week with over 200 yards on the ground by himself.

It’s no surprise the Lions are giving up almost 150 yards a game on the ground. (Note to self, Start all RB playing the Lions in Fantasy)

The only real improvement has been in our pass defense. Last report card we were 28th in Yards allowed, this time 18th. Its not a lot, but enough to improve their grade.

Overall The Detroit Lions Defense gets a D

Special Teams

I can almost just re type what I did last time.

“It sucks that Special Teams will be the lone bright spot of the Detroit Lions. Its not like they have been spectacular. But, they haven lost any games for us either.

Our Punter’s 53.1 yards per punt puts him first in the league. His 51.1 net yards per punt is is five yards better than the next closest punter in the NFL.

Lions Punter Jack Fox gets the lone A on the Lions Roster.”

But, there have been a few highlights and low lights. We blocked a few field goals. So that’s nice. We didn’t do anything with those blocks, so that sucks.

Matt Prater is becoming a concern. He has missed a field goal it seems in every game. Inside of the 50 he has become unreliable. I haven’t completely given up on him, but he needs to correct this ship.

Last report card the Lions got a B+ on Special Teams. I have to gvie them a lower grade this time around due to Prater.

Overall the Lions Special Teams get a C+


What more is there to say about the Patricia tenure in Detroit. At no point has this guy ever “had” the locker room. Every player that has left has blazed the Lions and it’s coaching staff on social media. He cant get 11 men on the field for every play. We lose leads often. I can go on and on.

Overall This Coaching Staff gets a F

Detroit Lions Mid Season Grade

If we add up all the grade and give them an average of a D-


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