Head coach of the Detroit Pistons Dwane Casey made an appearance on the Morning Woodward Show. Casey discussed with the crew on the upcoming draft, the future of the Pistons, the community, and restoring the franchise.

Casey on the Draft

The Detroit Pistons currently own the number one pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Woodward Sports Beat Reporter Kory Woods asked Coach Casey how exciting it is to hold the number one pick. Casey responds,” A lot of it. I think it was old school. But the basketball gods were great to us.”

Most scouts believe that Casey and the Pistons will draft Cade Cunningham as the clear number one pick. He stated on Cunningham’s strengths, ” Cunningham is long and big for a wing player.”

While others believe that this draft class is not the greatest, Casey thinks it’s the opposite. He discussed how this draft class as tons of talent from the bottom all the way to the top.

Casey states on the potential this draft class has in the near future, “This draft is not so so. There are going to be players down the draft that are going to be big-time players. As you go down, there’s going to be a Saddiq Bey or Isaiah Stewart down the draft. In those late picks, we hope to get a diamond in the rough.”

Casey on the future of our starting five

Stick of Woodward Sports asked Coach Casey how excited he is about our future starting five next season? The future starting five includes Killian Hayes, Jerami Grant, Saddiq Bey, Isaiah Stewart, and the future number one pick Cade Cunningham.

Casey stated on the future of our young core, “We have a solid foundation of young guys. Whoever we pick with that first pick. It is not going to come in and sub-planet Isaiah, Saddiq, Jerami, and the young guys. It won’t be the puzzle, but it’s going to be a piece to the puzzle as we grow forward. And it’s exciting to have the number one pick to come in and say this going to a puzzle to add to the young guys we have.”

Casey on Community

Not only does Coach Casey care about basketball, but he is also big into the community. He discussed his love for the city and the ways the franchise make an impact on community.

The franchise partners with multiple local organizations like Focus of Detroit and gave out meals to multiple charities throughout the pandemic. Casey stated how beautiful it is to see the city of Detroit grow. “The beautiful thing about the whole thing. We are growing as a city of Detroit is coming back.”

Restoring the franchise and the rise in of the all major sports in Detroit

Coach Casey is not just here to win basketball games. But in the interview, he dialed in on how Troy and himself are all about restoring the Pistons to a championship-level team.

He stated on the tradition the Pistons have as an organization, “Detroit is off the chart with tradition, and we are going down the right road.”

Casey also discussed how not just the Pistons are coming back, but all of our major sports teams, including our network here at Woodward Sports.

Casey states on the comeback of all our sports teams in Detroit, “Downtown is restoring. The whole thing is timing in and chiming in at the same time. As is baseball, as is hockey, as it the Lions. As is Woodward Sports!”

Here is the full interview of Coach Casey on the Morning Woodward Show

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