Yesterday on the All The Smoke Podcast with host Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Carmelo Anthony discussed how he got hoodwinked on not being drafted by the Detroit Pistons in the 2003 Draft. Instead, the Pistons drafted Darko Millic in the 2003 Draft. He ended up being the biggest draft bust in Pistons history. 

Anthony’s Comments

Anthony, in the interview, discussed how Coach Larry Brown was telling Anthony that the Pistons were going to take him. ” I drove from B-More to Philly, man, to go watch Detroit vs. Philly. And Larry Brown had already taken the job at Detroit when he was still coaching Philly. So we’re in the back, and he’s like ‘We taking you. We taking you.’ So I’m driving back up 95 like ‘We going to Detroit.” 

Also in the interview, he discussed how he believed that the Pistons would have won multiple championships if he were on the roster. “I think if I was there, they win another (title). I wouldn’t jump out there and say we three-peat. We’d go back-to-back if I’m there… They were all vets, I would have learned from those guys. And that second year coming back, I would have been a totally different player coming back.”

Anthony, still to this day, thinks that decision by the Pistons changed his whole career forever. “Changed the course of my career. I’m telling you what, man: To this day, I still think about that.” 

Anthony’s career and where he is today

Anthony would end up still having a stellar career. Anthony, in his career, ended up being a ten-time All-Star, scoring champion in 2013, three-time Olympic gold medalist, and ranks in the top 10 for scoring the most points all-time in NBA history. He is trying to win his first ring with the Los Angeles Lakers this season and will play alongside one of his best friends, LeBron James. 

What If?

While many believe that the Pistons made the wrong decision not to draft Anthony. There’s also one central question and that is if the Pistons drafted Anthony would Rasheed Wallace been on the roster. Wallace was traded in the 2004 championship run in the middle of the season and was the final piece to the puzzle.

In my opinion, I felt the Pistons made the wrong decision not to drafted Anthony. Anthony with his scoring ability, could have been the greatest scorer in Pistons history. He could’ve possibly brought in others stars to join him once all of the veterans on the 2004 championship team retired. I could see Anthony leading the Pistons to multiple championships as not only the rookie, but as the veteran leader as well.

The Pistons franchise history could have be written differently if the Pistons drafted Anthony. It’s one of those “what if we had Melo on our team.” That 2003 draft to this day haunts both Anthony and Pistons fans.

Morning Woodward Show discussing on Anthony’s comments from the All of the Smoke Podcast.

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By Published On: August 18th, 2021Categories: NBA

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