We all saw the chaos that happened after Tennessee upset Alabama on Saturday.  Now a video has leaked of University of Alabama’s Jermaine Burton smacking a woman on the field.

When fans rush the field you are putting many players at risk.  I understand this.  Fans have no right to be on a field while players are occupying that space. The seems pretty logical.

The fan in me also understands, when your team pulls off one of the biggest upsets in the NCAA this year, you want to party on the field after that game.

But, what Jermaine Burton did is absolutely inexcusable.  Not only as a player but as a man.

In the video you can see this woman was not coming at him, she was not making any motion to him, and he elected to push her in the back of the head. After the hit to the head you can see her turn around wondering what just happened.

To me this is the ultimate bitch move.

Like I said, I understand she shouldn’t be there.  That’s a real argument.  But she was, and that doesn’t give a boy like Jermaine Burton a right to put his hands on her.

I know things operate different in the south.  My father is from New Mexico.  He would have smacked the hell out of me had I ever treated a woman like that.

There must have been something in the air on Saturday.  Penn State Head Coach James Franklin was caught on video yelling obscenities’ at Jim Harbaugh and his team.

Photo: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: October 19th, 2022Categories: Featured News, NCAA

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