AEW Dynamite comes to us live from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. Just days away from their PPV, AEW is obviously going all out for their go home show. As it featured a Face of the Revolution ladder match, FTW Championship match and a Casino Tag Team Battle Royale. Certainly, with a stacked card, they are getting everyone ready for Revolution. Let’s waste no more time and head to the ring.

Opening Match

The opening match featured Bill Morrissey vs. Orange Cassidy for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. Height and size was definitely an advantage for Morrissey, but Cassidy was able to keep his distance. Additionally, he was able to pick his spots on when and where to attack, while also keeping Morrissey on a chase in and out of the ring. Danhausen makes an appearance as a distraction to Morrissey that helped Cassidy deliver an Orange Punch to Bill. All the while, back in the ring, Cassidy hit a DDT to set up and diving Orange Punch as he covered him for the pinfall and retains his All-Atlantic Championship.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Chaos, chaos and more chaos is the only way to describe this match as bodies and ladders were all over the ring. There’s no easy way to call this match other than a car wreck from start to finish. For the 8 competitors in this match, everyone looked as if they were trying to one up each other. Every big ladder spots in the match had me wondering whether any of these men were going to make it to Revolution on Sunday. In the end, Will “Powerhouse” Hobbs would come out victorious by retrieving the golden ring hanging above the ring. Becoming the 2023 Face of the Revolution and earning his shot at the AEW TNT Championship on Dynamite next week.

Other Matches

Chris Jericho defeats Peter Avalon by pinfall
FTW Championship-Hook defeats Matt Hardy by submission
Riho defeats Toni Storm by pinfall

Main Event

The Casino Tag Team Battle Royale closed the night for us and just like the ladder match, bodies were flying all over the place. Except for this time they were able to keep it in the ring. One by one tag teams entered the match and were eliminated. Lucha Brothers, Top Flight, 2.0 etc. all went over the top rope. Eventually, leaving only Danhausen & Orange Cassidy and Butcher & the Blade left in the ring. Butcher & the Blade dumped Cassidy out onto the ring apron. As he held on for dear life, Danhausen pops up from behind to lift Butcher & the Blade over the top ropes eliminating them for the win. Therefore, Danhausen & Orange Cassidy become the 3rd team in the AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Revolution.

Final Thoughts

You can’t say the go home show before Revolution left you bored! Two titles on the line as well as a ladder and tag team Battle Royale match, there was enough action to go around for the night. Even the video packages and promos cut for the evening left you wanting more, excited and ready for the PPV on Sunday. This is how a go home show should be done from here on out, and everyone should take notes.

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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By Published On: March 1st, 2023Categories: AEW

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